Sunday, November 02, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day Two - Or Is It?

Day Two.

So, are you an election coverage junkie? Or are you just sick of it all?

Do you relentlessly check the various news networks, to see who is making the largest stump speech gaffes?

Do you sneak onto the computer, in the wee hours, just to play with the fancy electoral college magic map like John King on CNN?

Then you might have noticed this new feature:That's right, a few DAYS ago...get that? DAYS AGO, CNN began posting the number of DAYS until the polls close. Remember that they used to only do this on ELECTION DAY? Sometime in the morning, they would let us know how many HOURS until the polls closed. Now, I suppose feeling bolstered by the number of states participating in early voting, they have a countdown in DAYS.

I first saw this when we were 5 days, 23 hours out...I had to blink, reblink, and just laugh. It counts down...second by second. The news media has always astounded me with their extensive use of vocabulary in describing the same event using 42 different adjectives, but this? Oh, this was too good.

And I'm wondering about the chances of this REALLY being over on election night.

10 comments: said...

I have never been more tired of anything than the election. Even with my NO POLITICS stance, I've actually had people try to get in it. Is it Wed yet?

richies said...

I am a junkie and sick and tired of it. I can't help myself and I have to read about the election, but I am so tired of the animosity and hatred that i see. I just hope that it will dissipate after the election, or at least I won't be so aware of it.

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M@ said...

I am tired of self-righteous people who don't know nothin' 'bout nothin'!

Desert Songbird said...

It ain't over until January 20th of the following year. *long, heavy sigh*

Spellbound said...

I just wish I hadn't given Barack and Michelle and every other Democrat in the US my email address and phone number. They have my vote damn it, now they want money and they want it every half hour evidently. I'm thinking if they had a little less money we wouldn't be so freaking tired of hearing from them, ya know?

Tiggerlane said...

anglophilefootballfanatic - I hate to tell ya, but this thing is gonna go WAY beyond Wednesday. Worse than Monday morning quarterbacking, the media will analyze the outcome for WEEKS.

richies - I am a junkie, too...but like you, I'm sick of the negativity. I do play with John King's map, tho.

m@ - especially about birthin' babies.

desert songbird - I would have a LOT of respect for the prez-elect if he saved money by saying NO INAGUARAL BALL this year. Much as I am a fan of formals and heels.

spellbound - they sure have a well organized campaign, I'll say that! But I'm getting the same emails and text messages, too!

Jay said...

Always give political candidates an email address that you don't use very often. Not your primary one! I learned that back in 2004. Wes Clark still emails me every day at my old address. LOL

I voted last Wed. and I figured it was pretty much out of my hands at that point. So, I've been avoiding all the political talk on TV.

Karmyn R said...

I am beyond ready for tomorrow to be over. Let's just vote already. Wednesday - the silence of no political ads will be welcome to my ears.

Kaytabug said...

I am so over this election. I am avoiding live TV at all costs. I am SO OVER this election. I don't care about who wins. I did vote already. I'm with you, I doubt it will really be over when the polls close.

Tiggerlane said...

jay - hope all your friends have been voting! And I should have NEVER agreed to receive text messages - wow. At least the campaign is organized! And persistent!

karmyn r - I'm still wondering if this will all be over on Wednesday. Let's hope!

kaytabug - the media is really excited about this being an "historic" election - they are making me SICK!