Monday, November 24, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 24 - Fun Monday High

Day Twenty Four - hey, this is almost over, isn't it?

Mariposa is this week's Fun Monday hostess, and she wanted to know about those 3-5 "high" moments in our lives. NOT what you are thinking...but those moments when we felt "on top of the world." Or something like that.

My "first" high is easy - the birth of my daughter. Especially since that day marked the first time I had ever met someone who was my actual blood relative. (Click here if you missed out on all that drama.)

Another "high" that always catches me off guard is when I hear The Offspring sing. She has been singing since she was a wee thing, but now when she is performing I am overcome with emotion. It doesn't hurt that she has sung with a talented all-region choir for the past three years, not to mention a select auditioned group at school and a special group at choir camp. These perfomances tend to move me to tears.

And an everyday "high" also involves MUSIC. I can't live without it, in one form or another...I honestly think I would be lesser of a person if I didn't have a broad musical background and the opportunity to listen on a daily basis.

I was late to Fun Monday today, so forgive the short post! Be sure to go check out all the other participants!


Desert Songbird said...

I'm not surprised your high points would involve your daughter and music. Their importance in your life are fairly obvious to anyone who reads your blog with regularity!

ChrisB said...

Your daughter is very talented and you have every right to be proud and emotional about her performances.

BTW I do remember the post about the birth of your daughter.

Mind of MadMan said...

Mine where the birth of my children but marring my best friend and buddy ranks a solid 2
Thanks for sharing

Mariposa said...

I share with your joys! I, myself can't live without music...congrats with your sweet and talented pretty daughter!

Happy Fun Monday!

Karmyn R said...

I can't wait to watch my kids singing up there in choir (I sure hope they do considering both Dave and I were in choir). Hard not to beat the highs of the birth of kids!

IamwhoIam said...

She is a wee one but what talent, I can't carry a tune but music still moves me, to have one own being sing must amp the feeling.

Kila said...

Music, yes, I do need more of that in my life!

Sayre said...

I like listening to music occasionally, but my husband and my son are absolutely goofy about it. One of the highlights of my days is hearing my son whistle, just for the joy of it.

Pamela said...

You guys should do a music video. Mother and daughter (like the Judds!!)

BS said...

Music is definitely a wonderful "high" - I agree with above - you and your daughter should do a video.

Tiggerlane said...

Desert Songbird - SO glad my love for dessert doesn't show as blatantly. Maybe more photos of my rear end?

ChrisB - as one of my first and most loyal readers, I'm impressed! Thanks for indulging me.

Mind of Madman - crap, don't tell my husband I forgot him, okay? Then again, if I had to make a choice between him and music...

Mariposa - and thank you for hosting! Music is SO very vital!

Karmyn R - well, I was a band geek - go figure, I end up with a choir kid. You never know.

IamwhoIam - most definitely - and yes, she is a bit wee for her age. Travel-sized, ya think?

Kila - I have a kid and her iPod - I'll ship her for free.

Sayre - how cool is that? I'm a whistler, too - but my dad says it will cause wrinkles. I don't care.

Pamela - OMG...wouldn't that be a hoot? Except, she would make me look old.

BS - something tells me we would be too busy laughing and giggling to make it thru!

Asher said...

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