Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Musical Tag! *** UPDATED 11:00PM CST ***

I wanted to participate in the Fun Monday assignment, but with my trip to D.C. starting tomorrow, I just don't have time to flesh out what my "perfect world" would entail. Love and understanding - yeah, but how interesting would a world be without conflict? I DO know that each and every day MUST include music, and appropriately, I've been tagged by Claudia - definitely sealing my spot as the slowest runner in the blogosphere. But this is harder than most, b/c I'm supposed to "come up with 7 songs I am currently enjoying." Like Claudia, I'm thinking ONLY SEVEN?!?!? Tough for a musical junkie!

(As you can tell, there are NINE songs on here as of late - so I failed another assignment.)

But what better way to leave you before I go on my blogging vacation? If you take time to check out all seven offerings, one per day - you won't even realize Tiggerlane is gone.

The first offering is typical "pop," introduced to me by The Offspring. It has a horribly catchy melody, and I was cursing her for an entire day at work b/c I was singing it to myself incessantly. It's a little naughty, and the first people that came to mind when I heard this song were Matt and Matt. The song is performed by Say Anything, and the title is "Wow, I Can Get Sexual, Too."

Lily Allen is one of my new favorites, and another discovery by The Offspring. This is the title track from her album "LDN," and this song makes me just want to bounce around the living room like a perky sprite.

If you read this post, then you already are familiar with this song. It's by Hellogoodbye, the band I'm currently obsessing over, as you can see from my new musical section in the right hand column. (Major thanks go out to Dan for being patient with The Neophyte and making that section possible!) The title is "Here in Your Arms." It reminds me of the more innocent days, when making out as a teenager was like the most AWESOME thing EVER!

Lenny Kravitz is one of my favorite musicians, and this track from the movie "Blue Crush" is entitled "If I Could Fall in Love Again." Lenny is sexy as hell, by the way.

Bloodhound Gang's members are actual friends of the boys from Jackass, and this is one of their tamer videos, "Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss." I think I've been in this club.

You may not have heard of Shiny Toy Guns, but I spin this track at least four times a week. Driving rock mixed with techno, with a beat you can dance to, here is "Le Disko."

Lucky number seven is another group discovered by The Offspring, called Mindless Self Indulgence. She says I'm totally uncool for saying their name, b/c they are known to her as merely "MSI." The video for "Straight to Video" is a little odd, especially since I've never before seen a male blow-up doll. However, it's a good song.

Many of you will be surprised that I didn't include anything by Prince - my favorite artist of all time. He hasn't released anything in the last month, or it would be my current obsession. If you haven't picked up anything since his purple days, you have missed out on some great tunage.

Now, as a musician and an artist, I am compelled to keep an extremely open mind. That means putting aside judgment and taking the music and lyrics for what they are - and not being hypercritical of the message. This next song is a bonus, but it is VERY controversial. However, Nine Inch Nails has never been anything BUT controversial - and this is one of their best songs ever. I understand exactly what Trent Reznor is saying here in "Closer," but the more sensitive among you SHOULD NOT WATCH this video if you are easily offended. Or even if you are NOT easily offended. This is raw, sexual song, and some of the images are quite graphic. This is the undedited version, not seen on MTV, containing brief nudity and the f-bomb, in its literal use. However, Reznor's conflict is evident in the line, "My whole existence is flawed/You bring me closer to God." You've been warned.

That whole video reminded me of the movie "The Cell."

If you feel you got robbed, having to miss out on that last video b/c of content, let's see how open-minded you REALLY are. The Offspring was singing this to herself, and I about fell over. After watching it, I freakin' CRACKED UP! So, yeah, I'm a sicko, after all. This is from The Whitest Kids You Know, and it's called "Hitler Rap." Enjoy.

I won't return until April 2nd and will NOT have access to a computer or email - so wish me luck in D.C.!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tagged, Because I'm the Slowest Runner

Many months ago, the lovely Desert Songbird tagged me in this post, and I got horribly busy and didn't respond in the time dictated by good blogger etiquette. Luckily, she is forgiving, so I'm just now completing my assignment. Better late than never!

It's been really hard to top my previous admissions of weirdness. However, the post is only supposed to be "five things about me that I haven't revealed in previous posts." If you know me, you know I'm the Queen of T.M.I. - making this assignment even more difficult. But, here goes:

1. I recently discovered that I tend to hold my breath while taking a shower. Most likely due to the fact that I had severe hydrophobia as a child, and still can't swim very well. I've been doing deep breathing in the shower now - so I'm not in danger of passing out and leaving a messy scene for Roger to explain to the authorities.

2. I took dance lessons all the way through college, and I still keep up with the latest moves. Wanna go clubbing?

3. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue easily.

4. I can't stand the supercilious attitude of George W. Bush and his cronies. Seeing as I'll be in D.C. next week, it's probably not a good time to admit this - the FBI and CIA could nab me while I'm in town for making such an unpatriotic statement.

5. We have a collection of "If" books, which are books of questions - mostly fun in large party groups. The most challenging is Volume 3 - Questions in the Game of Love. These are VERY provocative queries, and I am selecting a tame answer and response, because some of my readers are a little sensitive. I was asked one time if I HAD to sleep with a celebrity of the same sex, who would I choose? There you see her, the lucky Miss Natalie Portman.

Not to change the subject, but WTF is going on with American Idol? Can anyone give me a rational explanation as to WHY this talentless child is still on the show? I enjoyed Idol last year, and had never watched before then - but if this year's idiocy continues, you can count this musician OUT.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Day in the Life

This week's assignment was particularly difficult, as we were challenged by enidd "to write a post describing a typical day in your life and give us a feel for your life as a whole." I'm warning you now that there is nothing "typical" about a day in the life of Tiggerlane. Every day is wildly different from the previous one, which is wonderful.

EVERY day MUST include music. I am a musician, and so are my husband and daughter. Thank goodness music fills my home, or I would have to take long drives, just to get my fix. You can visit my MySpace page for a sampling. Current listens include favorite bands and songs from my past, such as Ninch Inch Nails, or songs introduced to me by The Offspring, like this new one from Gym Class Heroes:

I'm also a news junkie, so each morning I have to check out Robin & Company on CNN Headline News. She is so bright and funny and perky - it gets my morning off to a great start.

Most days, I go to the orifice, but usually don't spend any time in my actual office.
I also totally enjoy spending time with friends. Not a week goes by that we don't have visitors at the house, which fills it with lots of fun.

I looooooove sports. And during football season, you might as well bank on the fact that I will be watching a game, somewhere, somehow.

My beautiful mutt-dog, Lucky Loo Poo Woo, gets attention from me each it a long walk, or a chase, or just crashing on the couch so I can rub his belly.

I get about 150 - 200 emails a day, and NO...most of them are NOT spam. Sometimes, I find myself laughing my tail off at something like this (if you're a PETA member, please don't watch. And don't comment me with nastiness):

I also contribute a lot of time and energy to my Rotary District, and to my local Rotary club. I am extremely passionate about this part of my life, because I have been blessed with so much that I feel an incredible obligation to give to others.

The best part of every day? The time I get to spend with Roger and Amber. Our relationship is so important to me - I often wonder if I would make it without them.
Each day usually ends with me being totally exhausted, which is fine by me. It means I have accomplished something, which gives me great satisfaction.

Sunday, March 18, 2007



Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gettin' Popped

I'm no longer a chiropractic virgin! I got popped for the first time yesterday, and although I was scared, nervous and panicky - it went pretty well! I made the appointment based on advice from my massage therapist, who was amazed at the tension in my back and neck (I'm sure frequent computer use and 4-inch heels contribute to that). She made sure I had two deep tissue massages before visiting the chiropractor. During the first visit, he asked lots of questions, took many x-rays, performed several motion/reflex tests, administered a TENS unit treatment, and stretched me gently. He also gave me a solid neck-popping, after I FINALLY relaxed. I have visits scheduled during the next two weeks to fully work out all of my "kinks." I am already experiencing increased range of motion in my neck, back and arms, so SOMETHING is working. If you've had any experience with bone-crackers, fill me in.

One of my claims to fame is the ability to recite the alphabet backwards. Guess when I learned how to do it, and why? As you'll see here, it can come in handy - but you still might get popped.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fun Monday Recipe, Tiggerlane Style

It's Fun Monday time! Another assignment that Yours Truly is doomed to fail. Beccy is this week's hostess, and our assignment was to "post a recipe that would inspire me to get into the kitchen to chop, cut, grate, boil, steam, roast, chill, freeze and eat, eat, eat." Well, I've got the best inspiration of all: an alcoholic drink recipe.

Not just ANY drink, but one I weaseled out of a male waiter at Chili's. It's called the "Presidente Margarita," and here is a copy of the recipe he gave me, on the sly, after I batted my lashes and cajoled him a bit:

The Chili's shaker is a must-have for beginning this drink, which only costs $2 after you buy the drink itself. I must state as a disclaimer that anyone under the age of 21 should LOOK AWAY. NOW!

Ingredients include some pricey liquor, from left to right: Sauza Tequila, El Presidente Brandy, Cointreau, lime juice, sweet and sour mix, and ice.

Step one, fill the shaker with ice:

Step two, add 1 1/4 shots of Sauza:
Step two and a half, (if you want to deviate from the recipe a bit, Tiggerlane-style) add a dash of the new Jose Cuervo Black:
Step three, add one shot of Presidente brandy:

Step four, add 3/4 shot of Cointreau. Look at that price tag. OUCH!

Step five, add one shot of lime juice:

Step six, fill the rest of the tumbler with sweet and sour mix. And then say that four times real fast, because shortly, you will no longer be able to. Put the cute little caps back on the tumbler, and shake vigorously. Preferably over your sink, in case after your second or third drink, you lose the ability to gauge how tightly you are NOT holding said caps on tumbler:

Froth is desired, yes, indeed. Pour into glass,

and ENJOY! (FYI, in Tiggerlane's world, salt is only good for shooting tequila and making INSTANT margaritas - a recipe that requires a recliner and a lot of stupidity.)

Don't know about you, but I'm hungry!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm getting VERY excited! My trip to Washington D.C. is finally coming together...and sneaking up very soon. I've never been, so I'm open to any and all suggestions as to what "not to miss." Pictured to the left is the fabulous Watergate Hotel, where we will be staying. Seriously, what says "D.C." better than this place? Corruption, scandal, intrigue. I can't wait.

Swampy has already provided some great ideas, and I already know that I want to attend a show or the ballet at the Kennedy Center, visit Arlington National Cemetery, and take a tour of the Monuments by Moonlight! I don't want to cram too much into the week, and definitely want to leave a good day to check out shopping, but what would you suggest?

If you've been to D.C., or merely WANT to go in your lifetime, what would be the MUST-DO/SEE event for you?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fun Monday, Wherein I Prove to be an Idiot

I've thought and thought, and contrary to popular myth, I am having trouble sucking.

The High School Valedictorian and perfectionist Virgo in me are conspiring to make this Fun Monday a lesson in abject failure. Mindy's assignment is to "Write the worst opening sentence that you can come up with and accompany this atrocity with a photo of your setting, a character or a bit of action that relates to the opening line or (for those who do not have a camera) a written description of same." Uh...harder than it looks. I love writing. I love being concise and poignant and descriptive. So, I'm "tweaking" Mindy's assigment by taking some license with it. "Worst" opening sentence could also mean "most disgusting," right? Sure.

So, if you're squeamish, stop reading now. I'm serious. Look away. The sentence is coming:

"Stella's arthritic hands fumbled with the colostomy bag, as she had never changed it herself outside a hospital environment; luckily, her faithful dog, Oink, was there to lick up the spillage as her bathroom floor puddled with feces."

Don't say I didn't warn you. Just be thankful I couldn't come up with a more descriptive photo.