Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Enough is Enough

Did you think I had abandoned the blog? I almost did - I almost gave it up. But as much as I'm having a secret, illustrious and gloriously satisfying affair with Facebook, I realize once again that its format does not lend itself to my writing style. Much like Twitter left me longing for just a few more characters - so Facebook can only give me a quick fix, and doesn't do justice to what I REALLY want to share.

Like music. in the "olden days" of the blog, I have two new addictions to share with you! The first - well, let's just say, I want to BE this girl:

Whew...just TOO FUN! Where are my dancing shoes?? The music just runs thru know? Oh, and here is my other new addiction:

I not only enjoy music that can make me MOVE...but also videos that are visually appealing, which both of these are. No question.

Now that I've gotten the music out of the way, on to a few more things.

The band is on a brief hiatus, but that's okay - b/c Roger is working on a new song that will soon be another addiction. I'm not sure when we will perform again - if you really want to see a video, leave me a message, and I'll send it to you privately.

We are finishing the paperwork with our insurance company on the old house - and we may have found a buyer! I'm so sad that the tornado damaged it so much - but it's time to move on. The new house is starting to gather dust bunnies (are there dust elephants?) and need addressing.

Tell me what you want to know...I miss you guys, and I'm coming back.