Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Football and Shoes

Football and shoes. Two things I love dearly.

Football season is soon coming to an end, and this weekend's playoffs were nothing but affirmations of greatness for the Steelers and the Seahawks. Should make for an exciting Super Bowl - or at least let's hope! I'm looking for a long-overdue Super Bowl commercial featuring August Busch, IV as he should be - naked.

Until then, what is a girl to do? Buy shoes, of course!! With a little help from my friends on Saturday night (thanks Nic and Lance!), I gave in to the influence of my beverage consumption, and ordered some sweet shoes. I can't bear to pay $450 for Manolo Blahnik's, but these two will certainly do:

As a short girl (5'3"), I love a good excuse to buy heels. And I love that my profession allows me to dress in fine clothes (if I choose), complimented by fine shoes. Not to mention the opportunity I have to go out and hit a club every so often, or go to a fancy banquet. Even if I didn't have these blessings, I know I would still have to wear heels.

Typical comments: "How do you walk in those things?" "Don't those kill your feet?" "Doesn't your back hurt?"

Answers: Easy - with practice. And I've had years of it. It also helps to have good posture.
No, they don't kill my feet, because I'm smart enough to make sure I get them a size or half-size larger than I usually wear to avoid pain and squinched toes. (Squinched IS a word, right?)
And no, my back doesn't hurt. At least not from the shoes.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another Tragedy

The mining families of West Virginia, you are in my heart.



Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Post Globes Observations

Ah...the Golden Globes did not disappoint!! Some of the dresses were FABU, including Kate Beckinsale, Natalie Portman, Kiera Knightley, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johannsson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and ALL the Housewives - every single one looked spectacular. Even a pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow looked wonderful. I'm still on the fence about Geena Davis. She's a seasoned actress, and has the courage to wear red head-to-toe. She's a big woman, but her guts to step out there in that ensemble score some points.

Now, Reese Witherspoon always looks great, IMHO; however, I have to give her bad marks for her dress. "Vintage Chanel?" Okay, I'll buy that. But she wore the same exact dress that Kirsten Dunst wore to the 2003 Golden Globes Focus Features party!!! The only thing worse is showing up at the same event in the same dress! Don't believe me? Well, here it is. Reese --- you have so much more class than the fugly Dunst. Shame on you. You should have done your homework. You do pull it off better than Kirsten - but two years does not vintage make.

Note to Drew Barrymore: wear a bra. Honey, you have nice large bazookas --- give them a little support.

Mariah Carey? Not one of my favorites. But HELLO?!? Side-boob AND armpit cleavage - all in the same dress! Not a flattering look.

And what with Mrs. Boobs? Pamela Anderson? They are a trademark! Wear them with pride! Bought and paid for! Don't hide them in a horrible-burial-shroud-black sheath. Please. It's one of the few reasons people look at you.

And Mrs. Johnny Depp SERIOUSLY needs to gain some weight.

No...I'm not jealous, thereby harping on the stars' clothes. I honestly believe that women with access to stylists, makeup artists, and the ability to afford ANY dress should certainly be expected to make good choices with those resources! So when they make bad ones, there really is no excuse for them.

As for the Housewives? Well, Felicity was the lone Globe-winner for her gender-bending role in a movie, and she looked anything but manly on this night. However, the show itself won --- notice anything familiar about this photo?
Yep - Ms. Sheridan is indeed holding the Globe again. Think they are intimidated by her? She did look smashing in her dress, and her date for the evening was a much-younger man. Kudos to her!

And, the poor Housewives lost the chance for an individual Globe to someone far more desperate. A housewife willing to do the unthinkable - sell marijuana! Mary-Louise Parker beat them all for her role on "Weeds." Maybe that will teach the Housewives to get a little more desperate next time!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Golden Globes - Pre Show Thoughts

Not a single football team I was rooting for won yesterday, so the only thing to do is move on to another favorite sporting event - AWARD SHOWS!!! Tonight it is Oscar-Lite, as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gives us the Golden Globe Awards. Who will make an idiot out of themselves on the red carpet? Who will wear something more atrocious than Bjork? Who will get rip-roaring drunk and trip going up to the podium? Will Anna Nicole be there - and will she and Courtney Love have a contest to see who can be the most incoherent? I watch these things for the same reason I watch ice skating - the falls.

There aren't too many nominees I care much about. I think that has to do with the fact that I wait until many movies are out on DVD before I see them. Plus, this year we've got a gay cowboy movie (edgy! controversial!) and another musical life story (compelling! they do their own singing!), and well - it's almost a shoe-in as far as the winners. (Remember "Million Dollar Baby" and "Ray?") Not much suspense there. Hollywood loves that kinda stuff.

However, I DO watch the nominated show featuring these gals:
Funny thing - last year, the HFPA snubbed two of these ladies. The hottest one (Eva Longoria) and the bitchiest one (Nicolette Sheridan). This year, they've gone all out and only snubbed Nicolette. Notice who is holding the award in this photo from 2005? Nicolette. Maybe the others felt sorry for her. After all - she's not as prominently featured in the show, and the main purpose of her character seems to be aggravating the other housewives. Assuming they are all still getting along (who ever thought THAT would last?), I wonder - will the ladies let Nicolette hold the award if they win again this year? If one of the other four actresses wins an individual award, will we have one of those uncomfortable political speeches from the podium, denouncing the HFPA for discriminating against Nicolette?

And technically, only TWO of these ladies are housewives: Eva's character, Gabby; and Felicity's character, Lynette. Bree isn't technically a wife, since Rex's passing. Susan has always been an ex-wife. And then we're back to Nicolette's character, Edie, who has always been single. And Betty Applewhite (the new mysterious neighbor) doesn't have a husband that anyone knows about. So..."Desperate Women in Various Relationship Status'" might be a cumbersome, but much more accurate title!

More tomorrow - after the show! And don't worry, I'm still going to watch the playoffs next week. Just with less enthusiasm.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Puzzled by Eeyore

I need your help today!!

Last night, I was puzzled by something. Eeyore.

There's a friend of ours that I playfully refer to as "Eeyore," but I won't go into details as to why. Suffice it to say, I mean this as an endearment more than anything. This is a male friend, and up until last night, I always assumed that Eeyore was a male.

So it hit me - what's up with the pink bow on the tail? Now, Eeyore never put off any "gay" vibes, as far as I was concerned, and he definitely has a masculine voice - but could I be wrong?? Is Eeyore a gender-challenged male? A donkey in drag? Or merely an old female donkey that never got rid of that two-pack-a-day habit??

Then I got to thinking, one of Eeyore's biggest problems was that his tail kept falling off. Now, I have wondered about the cruelty of sticking his tail in with a big, fat nail - but considering his difficulty in maintaining tail attachment, I assumed it was the preferred method. However, now I'm wondering, was his body merely rejecting the overly feminine tail? Was some other donkey's tail mistakenly given to Eeyore at birth??

Help me out folks. I couldn't sleep too well last night, and I'm wondering if somehow I need closure on this!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Is Any Cake Better Than Sex?


So, I AM a neophyte to this blog genre. I had a lovely rant about being bombarded at work by my staff - and POOF! It is gone, thru some technological idiocy on my part. But read the comments by whiterabbit after the "ants" post, and you might still get the gist of it.

Today's topic: Better Than Sex Cake

A lively little discussion ensued at the office last week about this delicacy. All I can tell you is that there seem to be a variety of recipes for this cake, so if you're looking for a satiation for your nether-regions from me, it won't be in the form of cake. The main thrust of my favorite version of this concoction involves chocolate and sweetened condensed milk.

I am a sweetened condensed milk whore, so this cake is right up my alley. I'm the person who cuts her tongue, every time she opens a can, trying to lick every last bit off the jagged lid. I even use one of my daughter's old baby spoons to get every last drop scraped off the sides of the can. (Not for the recipe, but so, once again, I can lick it.) Now, watching this act might make you think of sex, but can any dessert compare?

I've had sex that was worse than cake, for SURE. And I've tried this cake, with the sweetened condensed milk poured right over the top of it. But I think any dessert trying to make this claim is in for some big trouble. Especially for those who actually enjoy sex. You know who you are.

And don't get me started on that whole, "have your cake and eat it, too" bit. If I have cake, I eat it. Period.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Timid Toe Enters the Blog Pool

Okay, so I really don't want the world to know THAT much about me. Especially the 'net world, which seems populated with various sickos (much like my REAL world!) - but this seems as good as any outlet to vent my frustrations about things in general, and even if I'm the only one getting anything out of this, so be it.

Ah - a personal online diary. I can handle this! Maybe my daughter will read it and weep one day. At least I own my own company, so anything nasty I say about my job won't get me fired!

On to the topic of the day: as an Aggie who is extemely loyal to Texas A&M University, it was exciting to watch last night's game. Torn between rooting for a Texas team (having grown up in that lovely football state) and the USC Trojans (having family from So. Cal. and having been born there), I chose to root for USC. But I was tickled to receive this in my email box, and actually thought of getting one:

Now...do you think the Texas Longhorn fans would do the same for us Ags if WE made it to the Rose Bowl? I'm not sure.

Ags have a great heart, and to be honest, Vince and the boys deserved last night's win, even if they DID have a few plays (lateral-pass-with-one-knee-down) handed to them. Vince has true potential in the NFL - here's hoping he will go this year, and not risk getting injured and miss his chance in the big leagues altogether. Wonder if he and Reggie could both save the Houston Texans?
Now that the big game is behind us, saw varsity's horns off!!