Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Timid Toe Enters the Blog Pool

Okay, so I really don't want the world to know THAT much about me. Especially the 'net world, which seems populated with various sickos (much like my REAL world!) - but this seems as good as any outlet to vent my frustrations about things in general, and even if I'm the only one getting anything out of this, so be it.

Ah - a personal online diary. I can handle this! Maybe my daughter will read it and weep one day. At least I own my own company, so anything nasty I say about my job won't get me fired!

On to the topic of the day: as an Aggie who is extemely loyal to Texas A&M University, it was exciting to watch last night's game. Torn between rooting for a Texas team (having grown up in that lovely football state) and the USC Trojans (having family from So. Cal. and having been born there), I chose to root for USC. But I was tickled to receive this in my email box, and actually thought of getting one: you think the Texas Longhorn fans would do the same for us Ags if WE made it to the Rose Bowl? I'm not sure.

Ags have a great heart, and to be honest, Vince and the boys deserved last night's win, even if they DID have a few plays (lateral-pass-with-one-knee-down) handed to them. Vince has true potential in the NFL - here's hoping he will go this year, and not risk getting injured and miss his chance in the big leagues altogether. Wonder if he and Reggie could both save the Houston Texans?
Now that the big game is behind us, saw varsity's horns off!!


Ripman said...

It is clear that this is one hot woman!

charlie-cook said...

omg!!!!Texas totally deserved to win that game. Go horns. You do realize that i'm only saying this because my boss is the the biggest Texas fan in the world and if they lost I would have to tolerate weeks of depression and anger on my part. loved your blog!! chuck

Tiggerlane said...

And yes, VINCE IS GOING PRO!! Longhorns will have to get a great QB for next year, but I think Vince did the right thing.

pslink said...

I have a terrific aversion in pulling for anything from Calf., Tigger excluded of course

Willowtree said...

Huh? Are doing this to confuse me? Wasn't this your first post?

Ha! When I saw the date I thought you republished it, I just now realised the date says Jan 2006, and for those of you like me who forgot....its now 2007! What a doofus.

Hey Tiff thanks for the Name update, that should get me some traffic ;).