Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Football and Shoes

Football and shoes. Two things I love dearly.

Football season is soon coming to an end, and this weekend's playoffs were nothing but affirmations of greatness for the Steelers and the Seahawks. Should make for an exciting Super Bowl - or at least let's hope! I'm looking for a long-overdue Super Bowl commercial featuring August Busch, IV as he should be - naked.

Until then, what is a girl to do? Buy shoes, of course!! With a little help from my friends on Saturday night (thanks Nic and Lance!), I gave in to the influence of my beverage consumption, and ordered some sweet shoes. I can't bear to pay $450 for Manolo Blahnik's, but these two will certainly do:

As a short girl (5'3"), I love a good excuse to buy heels. And I love that my profession allows me to dress in fine clothes (if I choose), complimented by fine shoes. Not to mention the opportunity I have to go out and hit a club every so often, or go to a fancy banquet. Even if I didn't have these blessings, I know I would still have to wear heels.

Typical comments: "How do you walk in those things?" "Don't those kill your feet?" "Doesn't your back hurt?"

Answers: Easy - with practice. And I've had years of it. It also helps to have good posture.
No, they don't kill my feet, because I'm smart enough to make sure I get them a size or half-size larger than I usually wear to avoid pain and squinched toes. (Squinched IS a word, right?)
And no, my back doesn't hurt. At least not from the shoes.


Anonymous said...

As a man that loves a woman with pretty feet, the 3 strap jobs look great! I know I have a foot fetish, and if a woman with adorable feet wiggles her toes at me I am screwed. This is not to be confused with a shoe fetish. Shoes by themselves do little for me. Except when considered with great feet in them. Boots are a little different. They offer the promise of cute feet. And they say a lot about the wearer's personality. Like knee high black leather boots with heals vs. knee high deerskin boots with a fringe top. Both offer some unsaid clue into the mindset of the buyer. I would love to hear the comments of both men and women on this topic.
P.S.- like an idiot, I forgot my password so hope you get this.

jasper said...

Ok, I love shoes. Football....well, Tiff, you know my opinion on that topic.
You also know that I used to adorn my feet with lovely 3 and 4 inch heels. Never got into the pointed toes though. They remind me too much of the Wicked Witch shoes sticking from underneath Dorothy's house. Unfortunately, the days of me wearing FM shoes are over. Working 12-hour shifts for Toys R Us on a concrete floor ended my stiletto heel wearing days. (You should try climbing a ladder wearing a skirt and heels.) And you must admit, my current career doesn't support those lovely heels either. Here are my comments for Whiterabbit: My shoe purchases definitely reflect my mindset because my mindset at this point in my life is comfort, comfort, comfort. (And I love you dearly Tiff, but I don't care what you say those shoes ain't comfortable!!!!) I want my shoes to feel as comfortable as my bedroom slippers feel. So, that is my shoe purchasing mindset, Whiterabbit, BUT my shoes do not reflect my personality. I still love to paint my cute little toenails bright red and wiggle my toes. I just have to do all that sexy stuff at a lower altitude.