Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Random Ramblings

It's a new month! And the Super Bowl is just around the corner! How exciting can life be? Mostly random thoughts today -- too much to cover in a short time!

First topic: State of the Union. Let me just start by saying that if you really want to listen to this address, don't watch it with my husband. He begins tamely with a few silent gestures, then launches into argumentative rants at the television. (All of which are justified, IMHO.) When Bush starts his "Winkin', Blinkin', Noddin'" antics, it's usually too much for Roger to bear - and he will make his escape into another part of the house.

Second topic: American Idol. This is the first year I have watched this show, and I have serious questions about my fellow man! Do none of these people sing for an unbiased group before assaulting the judges with their horrific sounds and antics? You'd think someone would approach these poor souls and tell them the truth - that they sound like various livestock being electrocuted, and their dance moves resemble seizure activity. Once again, I can't help but watch. It's one thing to rubber-neck a crash site, but these people voluntarily display their eccentricities - so it's open season.

Third topic: Movies. Amber (the kiddo) will go thru phases where she has to rent mass volumes of movies and force me to watch them with her. Luckily, this weekend didn't include anything such as "White Chicks." (I should get a Mother-Of-The-Year Award for having to endure that umpteen times.)

Amber likes a good horror flick, and this week's choice was "Carrie." I made the horrible mistake of renting the new version of this film, but it was actually more true to the book. Amber enjoyed it, but the lead actress was SO NOT Sissy Spacek. I found myself throughout the film telling Amber, "Oh --- well, Sissy Spacek did that MUCH better..." So now, we have to go back and rent the original.

We also got "Brothers Grimm," which was entertaining, but mildly silly. I enjoy Matt Damon (always do).

Then on to "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," which drug on in places and was terribly dark. I got bored - and it was a little "heady" for Amber. Basically, the directors wanted the viewers to leave the film asking questions about their own faith and the possibility of demonic possession. I just wanted to see someone's head spin around.

Finally, the best for last: "Crash." This was one of those films that was fairly unpredictable, with lots of twists and turns. My blood pressure went up during some parts - I shed tears during others. This is worth most of the hype associated with it, and I highly recommend seeing it. If for no other reason, to see Sandra Bullock be a bigot and a beeyoch.

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