Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Grills (Grillz?)

It's official. I'm old.

I was watching MTV with my daughter this morning, and as I'm prodding her to eat her breakfast, a song came on about "Grillz." For those of you who are not 25 and under, the new thing (thang?) in bling (blang?) is teeth.
I remember actually giggling whenever I'd see someone with a big gold tooth in their head - especially if it was a front tooth. Sometimes there would be a diamond inlaid in said tooth. I also remember HATING my braces in high school. I despised having a mouth full of metal. Little did I realize how "before my time" I was.

The grill above will set you back $1,400.

Want something cheaper? Try these:

All the big rappers are into these. Has the world gone insane? What's more, there is a new shop, opening in FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS, if you can believe it, that sells Grillz!

One good thing I've learned is that these are not like porcelain veneers - your actual teeth are intact. These are put on much like Bubba Teeth - except that you have to mold your own teeth, make a cast, and send them to the jeweler so they can customize your grill.

And here I thought Mr. T. was a fool, with all that heavy metal around his neck. This makes T look Tame.

I have to think twice now when someone says they have meat stuck in their grill.


jasper said...

After years of braces in junior and senior high school, I will not be putting grillz or grills on my teeth. They remind me of that huge dude in the 007 movies. What was his name....Iron Mouth or something?!!! (I know, I know...check out idmb or imbd or whatever that site is.....) These grillz are a nice incentive to knock someone over the head and pull their teeth out. Police will soon be investigating grillz chop shops.....

Mugsy said...

Luckilly, if one of those diamonds dislodges and you swollow it, if you can afford such expensive caps, you can also afford to hire someone to "recover" it for you... then again, maybe not. Eww.

(BTW: Bond's metal-mouthed nemesis was named "Jaws".)

jennster said...

i so HATE this freaking song! it doesn't matter how many time nelly sings about it... IT IS NOT COOL TO HAVE THAT SHIT IN YOUR TEETH! lol.. it's freaking nasty!

Anonymous said...

Grillz..that's what I say when I address a group of ladies, "Hi Grillz." After paying for my own braces (in my late 20s) I will not be covering up my pearly whites with that stuff. Can you imagine food getting stuck in your diamond. Double UUUuuck!!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree...i cant wait to get my braces off and get a grill.