Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I really wasn't going to comment on the Super Bowl. Really. But to hear Ben himself admit to David Letterman that he didn't think he got in the end zone --- well, I must say that I agree! Officiating kept the Seahawks from winning this game all around, IMHO. I was yelling at the tv, insisting that this wasn't a TD, but to no avail. Something tells me that there will be further referee ruckus around the ESPN circuit. As there should be.

Even though I feel like the Steelers deserved to take the trophy this year, I always root for the underdog. One reason I have a hard time with backing the boys from Pittsburgh is this man: The Great Earl Campbell. I grew up in a town outside of Houston, Texas. And some of my fondest childhood memories are of sitting in the Astrodome, watching the Houston Oilers play. I mean, look at the man's thighs, for goodness sake! Enough to make me feel thin at any weight. Yet, every time the Oilers would make a bid for greatness, they would face Terry Bradshaw and the formidable Steel Curtain. And lose. Four big losses in 1975 and a blowout in 1978 sealed the deal for me. Poor Earl never got that Super Bowl ring. And I never really got over my dislike for the Steelers. Those Texas boys weren't used to playing in snow - so I couldn't be mad at them!!

Btw, wanna know how to send me into a panic? Roger knows. He thought it would be cute to disconnect the cable, 30 minutes before the game. Real cute. I was on the phone with the cable folks, outside checking the lines, and just about to order the network stations on DirecTV, when he rolled his eyes and 'fessed up. He couldn't believe I was so anal. HA! When things foul up, trust - I'm the girl who gets things fixed.

For the record, my favorite commercials were the FedEx caveman, the Budweiser streaker, and The Little Clydesdale That Could.

Oh, and did I mention the highlight of Saturday night? The author of Controversy himself (remember this album?), Prince, took the stage and rocked SNL. Looks dang good for an old guy, too!

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b said...

I'm with you. Seahawks got robbed. I'm not much of a Seahawks fan either, but for some reason I was taken to root for them (maybe it was my softspot to equal out a bet). Either way I'm glad I did. They may not have been the favorites, but they played one heck of an game right down to the bitter end, and they were the first to put points on the board.
Ref's must have gotten a pretty good bonus this year. Just because of all this Inow feel compelled to root them on all next season and hope they get another chance at the bowl.
As for my ranting , I think that about covers it for now.