Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vote for Taylor

I admit it. I've become addicted to American Idol.

I've never watched the show before, but for some reason, I picked this season to jump on the pop-cultural-couch-potato-bandwagon. And I'm glad I did.

As a classically trained musician, and someone who grew up during what my husband calls the "Dark Ages of Music" (the '80s), I am NOT usually enthused when I see each year's crop of new talent. But every now and again, someone will come along who is incredibly unique and different.

That's why I'm rooting fervently for Taylor Hicks on American Idol. NOT the package you'd expect. Older, by pop music standards (29), grey-headed, quirky, with a voice that might have once belonged to a black man. When he plays the harmonica, you feel like he's been in prison - he really pours his soul into the music. When you watch him sing, you think of Joe Cocker. You can see his face literally change when he sings - you can tell music is running through his veins and making him crazy with emotion. Yes, he's a little rusty around the edges - but all he needs is a good agent, PR firm and some polishing - wait, that would ruin him.

Anyway, I'm actually going to vote. For change. For someone other than these plastic, commercial, dime-a-dozen, perfect-body, perfect-smile little pop diva wannabes. For someone who loves music, and actually has some talent to back it up. Join the movement.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. If or when he does win this competition the worst thing that will happen to him is that they will probably try to change his image, but I don't know I think I like him just the way he is bad hair cut and all!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!There is just something about Taylor.He makes me stop, look , and listen. I hope he goes far in this competition. I will "Vote for Taylor!" Love Him.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Taylor as often as I can. I hope he wins. He is my all time favorite on idol because he feels the music inside of him and it shows on stage. I am more nervous for him when he takes the stage than he is.

Anonymous said...

you said it all,this guys love for music shines through.Love his realism and down to earth spirit.Wishing Taylor the best.

Debbie H.


Anonymous said...

Why haven't we heard about him sooner than this? Unbelievable!!!! I have watched A.I. since season 2 and have only voted once.I voted for Taylor all night on Wed. I am amazed at this man. He makes me happy and I was so nervous and excited to hear what he would sing Wed. night. I feel as if I know him...I am so proud of him. I can't wait to hear more. Suzie

Sunny Loves Soul said...

So happy to see all the love and support pouring out on the blogs and websites for Taylor! We need to keep his name out there!
It's a Soul Thing!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you tiff. taylor is great. he is totally different from the ai "norm". i hope he makes it into the top 3, but alas i thinks his uniquesness will be overlooked in the long run. but go taylor!!!