Monday, February 27, 2006

I will survive! (hack, cough...)

Yes, Ladies and Gents, I made it back from my party weekend in Hot Springs, very much alive.

Much fun was had by all, and I got to dance in my heels, wear a formal gown, play pool, and breathe in copious amounts of second-hand smoke.

More to come, including photos. Just have to get back into the routine of things first!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vote for Taylor

I admit it. I've become addicted to American Idol.

I've never watched the show before, but for some reason, I picked this season to jump on the pop-cultural-couch-potato-bandwagon. And I'm glad I did.

As a classically trained musician, and someone who grew up during what my husband calls the "Dark Ages of Music" (the '80s), I am NOT usually enthused when I see each year's crop of new talent. But every now and again, someone will come along who is incredibly unique and different.

That's why I'm rooting fervently for Taylor Hicks on American Idol. NOT the package you'd expect. Older, by pop music standards (29), grey-headed, quirky, with a voice that might have once belonged to a black man. When he plays the harmonica, you feel like he's been in prison - he really pours his soul into the music. When you watch him sing, you think of Joe Cocker. You can see his face literally change when he sings - you can tell music is running through his veins and making him crazy with emotion. Yes, he's a little rusty around the edges - but all he needs is a good agent, PR firm and some polishing - wait, that would ruin him.

Anyway, I'm actually going to vote. For change. For someone other than these plastic, commercial, dime-a-dozen, perfect-body, perfect-smile little pop diva wannabes. For someone who loves music, and actually has some talent to back it up. Join the movement.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Linkage Break

It will only be a matter of time before SOMEONE finds out if this is for real. Check it out (thanks, Gary)!

Ebay Mardis Gras Trip

Your opinions are welcome!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Linkage

Well, the weekend came and went, and I got wrapped up for too many hours playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. So, finally, here are more link facts!

Blurbomat is married to Heather from Dooce. He is much more calm - but speaks out on his blog about political insanity, Mac toys, photography, and general pop culture goodness. If you're into artsy photos, check out his and Heather's extra links. They are amateurs, but own some killer equipment that allows them to play with lighting and effects in amazing ways. The Armstrongs just returned from a trip to Amsterdam, so over the next few days, their blogs should feature some incredible photographs. Check them out!

Stuff on my Cat is a blog featuring a collection of photos sent in by folks all over the world. Photos of what? Yeah, you know. Now, if you're a rabid member of PETA or a twisted animal lover (you know the kind I mean), you might be offended at some of the content. Be assured, no cats are harmed to compose the photos on this site. Ever heard of kitty buckaroo? Where you stack items until the cat tires of your antics and bucks them off? Similar concept. This is one of my favorites, due to the expressions on the cats' faces. This site features categories of stuff on cats - including other animals.

And as a side note, an update on my "Grillz" post. Evidently, rappers aren't the only ones sporting the bling. My daughter informed me that the heavy goth metal bands often sport grillz made of only one type of tooth - diamond encrusted fangs. Want proof? Watch the latest video by Avenged Sevenfold. Or don't.

BTW, Happy VD to all you lovers out there. Here's your mascot (thanks Big!). May he rest in peace.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Links of Interest

In an effort to educate my readers, here's more info about the links in my sidebar. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. No, I'm not completely altruistic; I'm also trying out my new HTML skills(thank you, Mugsy!)!

1st up - PostSecret
This blog is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. Some of these are the typical "I'm cheating on my wife," or "I'm gay," brand of secrets, but some secrets are downright shocking, emotional and heartbreaking. An adult site, with new posts made every Sunday. One of the most popular blogs of 2005. Definitely worth checking out. My favorites ones are the funny ones, like this:

Well, now who hasn't done that from time to time! (HA! Don't all of you call DHS on me at once!)

2nd up - Dooce This is another "best of 2005" blog by former Mormon Heather Armstrong, who actually got fired for blogging about her job on her website. She is hysterical, and her tirades about motherhood and daily life make for great reading, often through tears of laughter. Also, I have a crush on her dog.

3rd - I should say BE WARNED before you check out Overheard in New York. New Yorkers are...well...lacking in Southern charm. These are actual conversations of New Yorkers, overhead (like you needed me to explain that to you). New Yorkers are very raunchy. Some are very raunchy in front of their children. You can greatly expand your urban vocabulary by visiting this site. You will be amazed at what conversations are had IN PUBLIC. Totally uncensored. My favorites are from the homeless, drunks and bums - fun for all!

You'll have to wait for the weekend for my explanations of the other choices. But something tells me, you'll get curious and click links before then. Explore!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Grills (Grillz?)

It's official. I'm old.

I was watching MTV with my daughter this morning, and as I'm prodding her to eat her breakfast, a song came on about "Grillz." For those of you who are not 25 and under, the new thing (thang?) in bling (blang?) is teeth.
I remember actually giggling whenever I'd see someone with a big gold tooth in their head - especially if it was a front tooth. Sometimes there would be a diamond inlaid in said tooth. I also remember HATING my braces in high school. I despised having a mouth full of metal. Little did I realize how "before my time" I was.

The grill above will set you back $1,400.

Want something cheaper? Try these:

All the big rappers are into these. Has the world gone insane? What's more, there is a new shop, opening in FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS, if you can believe it, that sells Grillz!

One good thing I've learned is that these are not like porcelain veneers - your actual teeth are intact. These are put on much like Bubba Teeth - except that you have to mold your own teeth, make a cast, and send them to the jeweler so they can customize your grill.

And here I thought Mr. T. was a fool, with all that heavy metal around his neck. This makes T look Tame.

I have to think twice now when someone says they have meat stuck in their grill.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I really wasn't going to comment on the Super Bowl. Really. But to hear Ben himself admit to David Letterman that he didn't think he got in the end zone --- well, I must say that I agree! Officiating kept the Seahawks from winning this game all around, IMHO. I was yelling at the tv, insisting that this wasn't a TD, but to no avail. Something tells me that there will be further referee ruckus around the ESPN circuit. As there should be.

Even though I feel like the Steelers deserved to take the trophy this year, I always root for the underdog. One reason I have a hard time with backing the boys from Pittsburgh is this man: The Great Earl Campbell. I grew up in a town outside of Houston, Texas. And some of my fondest childhood memories are of sitting in the Astrodome, watching the Houston Oilers play. I mean, look at the man's thighs, for goodness sake! Enough to make me feel thin at any weight. Yet, every time the Oilers would make a bid for greatness, they would face Terry Bradshaw and the formidable Steel Curtain. And lose. Four big losses in 1975 and a blowout in 1978 sealed the deal for me. Poor Earl never got that Super Bowl ring. And I never really got over my dislike for the Steelers. Those Texas boys weren't used to playing in snow - so I couldn't be mad at them!!

Btw, wanna know how to send me into a panic? Roger knows. He thought it would be cute to disconnect the cable, 30 minutes before the game. Real cute. I was on the phone with the cable folks, outside checking the lines, and just about to order the network stations on DirecTV, when he rolled his eyes and 'fessed up. He couldn't believe I was so anal. HA! When things foul up, trust - I'm the girl who gets things fixed.

For the record, my favorite commercials were the FedEx caveman, the Budweiser streaker, and The Little Clydesdale That Could.

Oh, and did I mention the highlight of Saturday night? The author of Controversy himself (remember this album?), Prince, took the stage and rocked SNL. Looks dang good for an old guy, too!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Brokeback Giggles

If you haven't seen "Brokeback Mountain," you've surely seen the previews. But have you seen the spoofs? Hehehehehe..... Okay, here's one for ya. I haven't figured out how to get this into my blog any other way than by giving you a link (neophyte, remember?) - so try this on for size:

I'm giggling all over again!!!

For the "Top Gun" version, try this:

The video is grainier, but the dialogue is much better!!

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Only Watch it for the Commercials (LYING!)

Only a few more days until the Super Bowl, and I'm waiting not-so-patiently! The bad thing (for my husband) is, I watch the event AND the commercials - so the chances of getting me off the couch during the whole 3-hour spectacular are pretty slim. Okay, I'll be racing in and out to refill my beverage, but beyond that - I won't leave the glow of the beautiful big screen in our living room. It's too bad (once again, for my husband) that he isn't the typical football-obsessed man. Opposites attract, they say.

As always, I'm hoping for some awesome commercials. Barring an August Busch, IV extravaganza, I'll settle for more featuring the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales. One of my favorite commercial series featured Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. What I wouldn't pay to have someone like Terry in my office!! It would be a priceless addition. In case you're not familiar with Terry's antics, check him out at this link:

Just click in the green "watch" button to enjoy.

Too bad I'm not in a little better shape. I'd love his job!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Random Ramblings

It's a new month! And the Super Bowl is just around the corner! How exciting can life be? Mostly random thoughts today -- too much to cover in a short time!

First topic: State of the Union. Let me just start by saying that if you really want to listen to this address, don't watch it with my husband. He begins tamely with a few silent gestures, then launches into argumentative rants at the television. (All of which are justified, IMHO.) When Bush starts his "Winkin', Blinkin', Noddin'" antics, it's usually too much for Roger to bear - and he will make his escape into another part of the house.

Second topic: American Idol. This is the first year I have watched this show, and I have serious questions about my fellow man! Do none of these people sing for an unbiased group before assaulting the judges with their horrific sounds and antics? You'd think someone would approach these poor souls and tell them the truth - that they sound like various livestock being electrocuted, and their dance moves resemble seizure activity. Once again, I can't help but watch. It's one thing to rubber-neck a crash site, but these people voluntarily display their eccentricities - so it's open season.

Third topic: Movies. Amber (the kiddo) will go thru phases where she has to rent mass volumes of movies and force me to watch them with her. Luckily, this weekend didn't include anything such as "White Chicks." (I should get a Mother-Of-The-Year Award for having to endure that umpteen times.)

Amber likes a good horror flick, and this week's choice was "Carrie." I made the horrible mistake of renting the new version of this film, but it was actually more true to the book. Amber enjoyed it, but the lead actress was SO NOT Sissy Spacek. I found myself throughout the film telling Amber, "Oh --- well, Sissy Spacek did that MUCH better..." So now, we have to go back and rent the original.

We also got "Brothers Grimm," which was entertaining, but mildly silly. I enjoy Matt Damon (always do).

Then on to "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," which drug on in places and was terribly dark. I got bored - and it was a little "heady" for Amber. Basically, the directors wanted the viewers to leave the film asking questions about their own faith and the possibility of demonic possession. I just wanted to see someone's head spin around.

Finally, the best for last: "Crash." This was one of those films that was fairly unpredictable, with lots of twists and turns. My blood pressure went up during some parts - I shed tears during others. This is worth most of the hype associated with it, and I highly recommend seeing it. If for no other reason, to see Sandra Bullock be a bigot and a beeyoch.