Friday, January 06, 2006

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves.



Whiterabbit said...

Anyone who has ever been a manager, let alone an owner goes through the same thing everyday of their work life. That's why we get the "Big Bucks". Most of us soon choose to go either further up, or back down. Back down usually comes after a few years of overwork and under appreciation. It simply isn't worth what you are getting paid. You long for the days when YOU worked a 9 to 5, and left your worries at work.
I have never let the situation get to what you just described. From day one as a manager, I would let the person stop me, go on at length till they were done, then look them in the eye and say "Good Morning, Steve! Extend my hand and expect the same greeting from them. No one would be acknowledged till they said "Good Morning" to me. "Come see me in my office in 20 minutes" or what was ever appropiate I would say. Soon everyone knew they had better greet me as a person before "Dumping" on me or I wouldn't listen to them. Once in a while, they will forget, but a simple "Good Morning, Mary, How are the kids?" with a glare will bring them back. Hope this helps, works for me.

pslink said...

I'm glad I'm retired.