Monday, January 09, 2006

Is Any Cake Better Than Sex?


So, I AM a neophyte to this blog genre. I had a lovely rant about being bombarded at work by my staff - and POOF! It is gone, thru some technological idiocy on my part. But read the comments by whiterabbit after the "ants" post, and you might still get the gist of it.

Today's topic: Better Than Sex Cake

A lively little discussion ensued at the office last week about this delicacy. All I can tell you is that there seem to be a variety of recipes for this cake, so if you're looking for a satiation for your nether-regions from me, it won't be in the form of cake. The main thrust of my favorite version of this concoction involves chocolate and sweetened condensed milk.

I am a sweetened condensed milk whore, so this cake is right up my alley. I'm the person who cuts her tongue, every time she opens a can, trying to lick every last bit off the jagged lid. I even use one of my daughter's old baby spoons to get every last drop scraped off the sides of the can. (Not for the recipe, but so, once again, I can lick it.) Now, watching this act might make you think of sex, but can any dessert compare?

I've had sex that was worse than cake, for SURE. And I've tried this cake, with the sweetened condensed milk poured right over the top of it. But I think any dessert trying to make this claim is in for some big trouble. Especially for those who actually enjoy sex. You know who you are.

And don't get me started on that whole, "have your cake and eat it, too" bit. If I have cake, I eat it. Period.


Whiterabbit said...

Holly Humped UP!!!
I would love to think that your thoughts on "Better than Sex Cake" were sneaky, can you catch me, tauntings. Fire this thing off to Dr. Ruth and see what she thinks.
Is it just me or do the phrases "The main thrust", "milk whore", and "I can lick it" sound exactly like what I would love to hear on the first date! A second date would surely have me ready with a cake, a case of sweetened condensed milk, a six pack of canned whipped cream and a large jar of maraschino cherries.
Of course sex is better than food. I remember lots of good sex and not any really memorable great meals. Think about it. The best food experience of my life was having an apple right out of a refrigerator from an 80 year old woman I had just met after riding my bicycle 70 miles. That stayed with me.
And to think this was the topic around the office last week. Please see my attached personal information and send me an application!

Whiterabbit said...

Full Circle!

Now you have me thinking! When I was 10 years old, all I wanted was an erector kit, and now many years later, all I want is an erector kit.

Ripman said...

I'm suddenly very hungry.

pslink said...

I can't identify the sex of cake either

B said...

No food compares to good or great sex, but what a description.
The vision that comes to mind is you making the cake wearing an apron! You must be more careful with your tongue though.
The trick with this or any other cake is to incorporate it with sex.(a little whipped cream is fun to)
As for the cake itself.
Made correctly it's fantastic.
Id like to try your version of it.
Just my thoughts.