Monday, January 16, 2006

Golden Globes - Pre Show Thoughts

Not a single football team I was rooting for won yesterday, so the only thing to do is move on to another favorite sporting event - AWARD SHOWS!!! Tonight it is Oscar-Lite, as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gives us the Golden Globe Awards. Who will make an idiot out of themselves on the red carpet? Who will wear something more atrocious than Bjork? Who will get rip-roaring drunk and trip going up to the podium? Will Anna Nicole be there - and will she and Courtney Love have a contest to see who can be the most incoherent? I watch these things for the same reason I watch ice skating - the falls.

There aren't too many nominees I care much about. I think that has to do with the fact that I wait until many movies are out on DVD before I see them. Plus, this year we've got a gay cowboy movie (edgy! controversial!) and another musical life story (compelling! they do their own singing!), and well - it's almost a shoe-in as far as the winners. (Remember "Million Dollar Baby" and "Ray?") Not much suspense there. Hollywood loves that kinda stuff.

However, I DO watch the nominated show featuring these gals:
Funny thing - last year, the HFPA snubbed two of these ladies. The hottest one (Eva Longoria) and the bitchiest one (Nicolette Sheridan). This year, they've gone all out and only snubbed Nicolette. Notice who is holding the award in this photo from 2005? Nicolette. Maybe the others felt sorry for her. After all - she's not as prominently featured in the show, and the main purpose of her character seems to be aggravating the other housewives. Assuming they are all still getting along (who ever thought THAT would last?), I wonder - will the ladies let Nicolette hold the award if they win again this year? If one of the other four actresses wins an individual award, will we have one of those uncomfortable political speeches from the podium, denouncing the HFPA for discriminating against Nicolette?

And technically, only TWO of these ladies are housewives: Eva's character, Gabby; and Felicity's character, Lynette. Bree isn't technically a wife, since Rex's passing. Susan has always been an ex-wife. And then we're back to Nicolette's character, Edie, who has always been single. And Betty Applewhite (the new mysterious neighbor) doesn't have a husband that anyone knows about. So..."Desperate Women in Various Relationship Status'" might be a cumbersome, but much more accurate title!

More tomorrow - after the show! And don't worry, I'm still going to watch the playoffs next week. Just with less enthusiasm.

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Whiterabbit said...

After the Bear's game on Sunday, I off watching football till next year. That guy Smith from Carolina should get some kind of award! Again,into hibernation as a Bears fan, but thanks for a better than expected season.
Like most guys, I do not watch awards shows. I don't watch much of anything on TV except the West Wing and I have no way of explaining why I do.
I have always thought short chicks are Hot, so like the shortest chick from Desperate Housewives, even though I have never watched it. She is a cutie.
I also rent movies I really want to see. The experience is now beyond my budget. It might cost $20+ to go to the movies with snacks in Chicago and very simply, it's not worth it. I took my nieces and nephews a while back to a good kids show, and they became bored and spent most of the time running around the theater or eating crap. Only cost me a C-Note!! Never again. Plus, no way you can see a movie in the city, people come in in groups and act like they are in their livingrooms, yelling and laughing, and you can't hear a dam thing. An usher would get shot trying to restore order or escort them out. And the industry wonders why they are losing money and make more on the video releases. Theaters will soon become a thing of the past, like the drive-in movies. Pay for view, at home, when you want to see it. Taht is how it is going to be.