Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tagged, Because I'm the Slowest Runner

Many months ago, the lovely Desert Songbird tagged me in this post, and I got horribly busy and didn't respond in the time dictated by good blogger etiquette. Luckily, she is forgiving, so I'm just now completing my assignment. Better late than never!

It's been really hard to top my previous admissions of weirdness. However, the post is only supposed to be "five things about me that I haven't revealed in previous posts." If you know me, you know I'm the Queen of T.M.I. - making this assignment even more difficult. But, here goes:

1. I recently discovered that I tend to hold my breath while taking a shower. Most likely due to the fact that I had severe hydrophobia as a child, and still can't swim very well. I've been doing deep breathing in the shower now - so I'm not in danger of passing out and leaving a messy scene for Roger to explain to the authorities.

2. I took dance lessons all the way through college, and I still keep up with the latest moves. Wanna go clubbing?

3. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue easily.

4. I can't stand the supercilious attitude of George W. Bush and his cronies. Seeing as I'll be in D.C. next week, it's probably not a good time to admit this - the FBI and CIA could nab me while I'm in town for making such an unpatriotic statement.

5. We have a collection of "If" books, which are books of questions - mostly fun in large party groups. The most challenging is Volume 3 - Questions in the Game of Love. These are VERY provocative queries, and I am selecting a tame answer and response, because some of my readers are a little sensitive. I was asked one time if I HAD to sleep with a celebrity of the same sex, who would I choose? There you see her, the lucky Miss Natalie Portman.

Not to change the subject, but WTF is going on with American Idol? Can anyone give me a rational explanation as to WHY this talentless child is still on the show? I enjoyed Idol last year, and had never watched before then - but if this year's idiocy continues, you can count this musician OUT.


Matt said...

Number three is my favorite.

Btw, I think you must be part African-American w/ the hydrophobic dancing thing and all.... ;)

mist1 said...

Teach me how to dance. I have this one move that I do in which I put my hands up in the air and gyrate. My mom said that I am never to do it again. Yes, Mom and I go clubbing when she is in town.

Desert Songbird said...

Cool list! I gotta admit, I peaked in here last night, and then I had a dream about Natalie Portman!

How weird. No gay sex, she just popped up in the dream.

Since I've been diagnosed, I can't dance anymore. I tried at my SIL's wedding last summer, but after a few minutes, my heart was racing, and I had to sit down. Sigh. It was too bad, because that was a really kickin' party. I'm confined to "chair dancing" or the old "European" style of dancing (moving only from the waist up).

Anonymous said...

You are a babe...just saying.

Tiggerlane said...

matt - #3 coupled with no gag reflex is a dangerous combo. And make up your mind, will ya? Or can I be a mongrel?

mist1 - That move might have embarrassed your mom, but I'd have to see it in person before discouraging you. I'll learn ya!

desert songbird - I'd chair dance with ya! (Sometimes us dancing girls tell our male friends, "Just be the pole." Get it?)

anonymous - thanks, but you DO realize that was a photo of Natalie Portman, don't you?

Vicki said...

okay girl, I'm with ya on the Amerian Idol thing. This is the first time we have ever watched it. That Sanjia guy need to G.O.

Claudia said...

I haven't watched AI at all this season. ...

but I have tagged you to list some music... :)

Julie said...

Okay, I am with you all the way on the American Idol thing. That boy must have a lot of family and friends voting non-stop to keep his sorry butt on there.

Good tag!

marnie said...

I am not understanding American Idol.. AT ALL. I about wet my pants when I saw him with his "faux hawk" last time... I figure that will generate enough votes to keep him around another week.

I might actually stop watching if he doesn't get the boot soon.