Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Musical Tag! *** UPDATED 11:00PM CST ***

I wanted to participate in the Fun Monday assignment, but with my trip to D.C. starting tomorrow, I just don't have time to flesh out what my "perfect world" would entail. Love and understanding - yeah, but how interesting would a world be without conflict? I DO know that each and every day MUST include music, and appropriately, I've been tagged by Claudia - definitely sealing my spot as the slowest runner in the blogosphere. But this is harder than most, b/c I'm supposed to "come up with 7 songs I am currently enjoying." Like Claudia, I'm thinking ONLY SEVEN?!?!? Tough for a musical junkie!

(As you can tell, there are NINE songs on here as of late - so I failed another assignment.)

But what better way to leave you before I go on my blogging vacation? If you take time to check out all seven offerings, one per day - you won't even realize Tiggerlane is gone.

The first offering is typical "pop," introduced to me by The Offspring. It has a horribly catchy melody, and I was cursing her for an entire day at work b/c I was singing it to myself incessantly. It's a little naughty, and the first people that came to mind when I heard this song were Matt and Matt. The song is performed by Say Anything, and the title is "Wow, I Can Get Sexual, Too."

Lily Allen is one of my new favorites, and another discovery by The Offspring. This is the title track from her album "LDN," and this song makes me just want to bounce around the living room like a perky sprite.

If you read this post, then you already are familiar with this song. It's by Hellogoodbye, the band I'm currently obsessing over, as you can see from my new musical section in the right hand column. (Major thanks go out to Dan for being patient with The Neophyte and making that section possible!) The title is "Here in Your Arms." It reminds me of the more innocent days, when making out as a teenager was like the most AWESOME thing EVER!

Lenny Kravitz is one of my favorite musicians, and this track from the movie "Blue Crush" is entitled "If I Could Fall in Love Again." Lenny is sexy as hell, by the way.

Bloodhound Gang's members are actual friends of the boys from Jackass, and this is one of their tamer videos, "Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss." I think I've been in this club.

You may not have heard of Shiny Toy Guns, but I spin this track at least four times a week. Driving rock mixed with techno, with a beat you can dance to, here is "Le Disko."

Lucky number seven is another group discovered by The Offspring, called Mindless Self Indulgence. She says I'm totally uncool for saying their name, b/c they are known to her as merely "MSI." The video for "Straight to Video" is a little odd, especially since I've never before seen a male blow-up doll. However, it's a good song.

Many of you will be surprised that I didn't include anything by Prince - my favorite artist of all time. He hasn't released anything in the last month, or it would be my current obsession. If you haven't picked up anything since his purple days, you have missed out on some great tunage.

Now, as a musician and an artist, I am compelled to keep an extremely open mind. That means putting aside judgment and taking the music and lyrics for what they are - and not being hypercritical of the message. This next song is a bonus, but it is VERY controversial. However, Nine Inch Nails has never been anything BUT controversial - and this is one of their best songs ever. I understand exactly what Trent Reznor is saying here in "Closer," but the more sensitive among you SHOULD NOT WATCH this video if you are easily offended. Or even if you are NOT easily offended. This is raw, sexual song, and some of the images are quite graphic. This is the undedited version, not seen on MTV, containing brief nudity and the f-bomb, in its literal use. However, Reznor's conflict is evident in the line, "My whole existence is flawed/You bring me closer to God." You've been warned.

That whole video reminded me of the movie "The Cell."

If you feel you got robbed, having to miss out on that last video b/c of content, let's see how open-minded you REALLY are. The Offspring was singing this to herself, and I about fell over. After watching it, I freakin' CRACKED UP! So, yeah, I'm a sicko, after all. This is from The Whitest Kids You Know, and it's called "Hitler Rap." Enjoy.

I won't return until April 2nd and will NOT have access to a computer or email - so wish me luck in D.C.!


Desert Songbird said...

You are very "au courant" with your musical tastes. I have very old tastes; I tend to listen to classic rock (unless it's new stuff by U2). Of course, I'm totally stoked that Rush has a new album coming out this May 1st - "Snakes and Arrows" - woooohooo!

Have fun in DC. Be sure to post lots of photos when you return.

Pamela said...

I'm in awe that you have time to work, blog, travel, build a new house, AND not only listen to music, but know which artist to whom you are listening.

Matt said...

Tigger--Don't visit the National Zoo. Last time I did, they tried to detain me.

It's a beautiful Sunday here, eh!?

P.S. I can get sexual, too.

James Burnett said...

Hope DC is going well for you. I like your song selection. I love Lily Allen.

Claudia said...

I knew you'd have interesting choices!! I have heard the Shiny Toy Guns but didn't know the group. And every time you refer to The Offspring, I think of the group!!

Hope you had fun in DC!!

Beccy said...

My current musical tastes are influenced by my Offspring, it's great.

Julie said...

I was wondering what your current play list would be. Hope you are having a good time in DC. Can't wait to hear your stories when you get back. Hope you have a spy camera with ya.

ChrisB said...

Have a great time in DC enjoyed sharing your musical choices. Lilly Allen is quite popular here.

BD said...

A different list anyway...

Piglet said...

i love this, "bounce around the living room like a perky sprite."

Angelina said...

I don't usually find music until it's really uncool so I'm familiar with not one single song mentioned here.

Enjoy your vacation from blogging!

mark said...

Good luck in DC!

Kila said...

I was wondering what variety of music you would come up with!

Hope you're having a great time in D.C.!

Dan said...

Tiggerlane, it was my pleasure to help you -- you are such a fast learner!

Hey! Lily Allen! Cool! I featured her a few weeks ago myself.

Tiggerlane said...

desert girl - Thanks! I love the old songs, too. Photos will be coming soon - hopefully later today. I have so many, I'll have to upload to flickr!

pamela - Don't be too awed. I would save of money if I slowed down and didn't have to pay a masseuse and a chiropractor to work out the resulting kinks!

matt - The zoo is not for me. The weather was beautiful during our entire trip. Still can't understand the folks who wore topcoats in 80-degree weather, though.

james - Thanks! Lily is good, isn't she? And the trip was awesome. Not a glich, and I felt like a pro, navigating the Metro.

claudia - Had a great time. And I love The "real" Offspring, too! I have their greatest hits CD.

beccy - What would we do without those kids? Maybe listening to Muzak. Ugh.

julie - my kiddo went to the spy museum - but she bought handcuffs. Go figure!

chris b - thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the musical offerings.

B - I never said I was anything BUT different! :-)

piglet - what can I say? I wish I felt that way this morning - maybe I need to pop Lily in!

angelina - I hope the musical education wasn't too shocking!

mark - I definitely had a great trip with great weather. Couldn't have asked for more.

kila - I know I have strange musical tastes. But it's all the kid's fault!

dan - You are sooo patient - thanks so much for your help!