Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fun Monday Recipe, Tiggerlane Style

It's Fun Monday time! Another assignment that Yours Truly is doomed to fail. Beccy is this week's hostess, and our assignment was to "post a recipe that would inspire me to get into the kitchen to chop, cut, grate, boil, steam, roast, chill, freeze and eat, eat, eat." Well, I've got the best inspiration of all: an alcoholic drink recipe.

Not just ANY drink, but one I weaseled out of a male waiter at Chili's. It's called the "Presidente Margarita," and here is a copy of the recipe he gave me, on the sly, after I batted my lashes and cajoled him a bit:

The Chili's shaker is a must-have for beginning this drink, which only costs $2 after you buy the drink itself. I must state as a disclaimer that anyone under the age of 21 should LOOK AWAY. NOW!

Ingredients include some pricey liquor, from left to right: Sauza Tequila, El Presidente Brandy, Cointreau, lime juice, sweet and sour mix, and ice.

Step one, fill the shaker with ice:

Step two, add 1 1/4 shots of Sauza:
Step two and a half, (if you want to deviate from the recipe a bit, Tiggerlane-style) add a dash of the new Jose Cuervo Black:
Step three, add one shot of Presidente brandy:

Step four, add 3/4 shot of Cointreau. Look at that price tag. OUCH!

Step five, add one shot of lime juice:

Step six, fill the rest of the tumbler with sweet and sour mix. And then say that four times real fast, because shortly, you will no longer be able to. Put the cute little caps back on the tumbler, and shake vigorously. Preferably over your sink, in case after your second or third drink, you lose the ability to gauge how tightly you are NOT holding said caps on tumbler:

Froth is desired, yes, indeed. Pour into glass,

and ENJOY! (FYI, in Tiggerlane's world, salt is only good for shooting tequila and making INSTANT margaritas - a recipe that requires a recliner and a lot of stupidity.)

Don't know about you, but I'm hungry!


Pamela said...

The hubby loves margaritas --- I'll have to show him this one.

I'm not sure if he can forego the salt, tho.

Nice looking fingernails, too.

Karmyn said...


I like this recipe a whole lot.

swampwitch said...

Now that's what I call a great recipe. Will have to rim my glass with salt, though. Here's to you and to the waiter at Chili's. Cheers. Hiccup !

Desert Songbird said...

The ONLY way to enjoy a margarita is "rocks, no salt."

Girl, my butt is on a plane to Arkansas NOW to enjoy one of these with you!

willowtree said...

Geez, I'm only the 5th comment and everything has been said already. But I don't care I'm saying it anyway!

I like this recipe a whole lot.

Now that's what I call a great recipe. Here's to you and to the waiter at Chili's.

The ONLY way to enjoy a margarita is "rocks, no salt." Girl, my butt is on a plane to Arkansas NOW to enjoy one of these with you!

And one last thing....I'm in the "salt is for tequila shooters, not for margaritas camp" too.

Beccy said...

How did you know I love cocktails.

What a fantastic recipe, will I have to take out a loan to buy the ingredients?

I'm in the "salt is for tequila shooters, not for margaritas camp" too.

enidd said...

way hay, why did enidd have to wait so long for a cocktail recipe. it's only 11 o'clock, but she might try this one first. or perhaps not.

Steffi said...

I love cocktails!Very good recipe!


min said...

Theeeth lookt gud. I hd to tri it. FunMundy jus gooot funner. Wat day ees it en Arkkensaw?

Amy W said...

Just might be my favorite recipe :).

Liza said...

Yay! Midnight margaritas tonight!

Sabrina said...

You win for best recipe of the day!!!

Matt said...

From now on, I'm doing everything Tiggerlane style.

Matt-Man said...

This is the second post today I have read that involves Tequila. I am getting thirsty!!

Tiggerlane said...

pamela - hands down, this is the best margarita I've ever tasted. i think the hubby will like it! And thanks - my nail stylist is a gem!

karmyn - it definitely made me hungry!

swampy - I liked that your recipe was "different," too.

desert songbird - I'm a total rocks girl - come on over, and we'll hoist a few!

WT - LOL! Glad there is a "no salt" camp out there.

beccy - Yeah - it's pretty obvious when you look at my liquor cabinet - with no less than FOUR types of tequila. The tequila and brandy are more expensive, but it's that tiny bottle of cointreau that will set you waaaay back. Totally worth it, though. We need a "no salt on my 'rita" club!

enidd - it's always 5:00PM SOMEWHERE!

steffi - thanks for stopping by - cheers!

min - it's whatever day you want! LOL!

amy w - I'm actually looking forward to seeing what the real cooks cooked up.

liza - you'll love these!

sabrina - thanks! And here I thought I failed the assignment again!

matt - don't hurt yourself. You might not be equipped.

matt-man - drink up, and cheers!

The very nice man said...

Now that is what I am talking about!!
Alcohol!!! You get first prize for that, girl!!!

Robin said...

Tiggerlane, HA! I was just telling someone about these margaritas LAST NIGHT! They're fabuloso, for sure (but much safer to make at home, because when I finish ONE of them, why, I'm V E R Y relaxed).

No wonder it's a top shelf adult beverage ;). You did a great job coaxing it out of them!

Steven Novak said...

Very informative, thanks. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ohh ho ho, I am writing this down RIGHT NOW! :) Secrets of Chili's margaritas revealed!

Bethany said...

I think I'll have to try this recipe first.

momto3cubs said...

Oh, man, that would totally hit the spot right about now.

Angelina said...

Wait a minute, you really need the Chili shaker?

That drink sounds way too saucy for a beer gal like myself.

Tiggerlane said...

erik - THANKS! Everyone could use a good drink recipe - I'm searching for a chocolate martini one that I had in California.

robin - whoa - the blogger chakras of the universe unite! And to be honest, I had two of these drinks before I got brave enough to coax.

steve - did you see the nasty sentence post? It was just for YOU.

melissa - ENJOY!

bethany - once you have this one, good luck reading and following the others!

momto3cubs - let me know if you got a chance to try it!

angelina - you don't HAVE to have it - but it helps when it comes to getting the proportions of sweet and sour and ice correct! I'm a beer gal, too - and after two of these, I feel pretty dang good!

Mugsy said...

Thinking back on your reasons for starting a blog in the first place... even if no one reads it, your daughter will have something to look back on... I gotta wonder who this drink recipe is for? :-D

ChrisB said...

Now this was a recipe I should have had before I went off on holiday but maybe it will help me prolong the effect. I think we actually have most of the ingredients- cheers.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear tiggerlane. That's a great recipe! Who'da thought of doing a cocktail? I wish I had...