Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blame Marnie

It's all her fault that you aren't getting another "story" post today. Her and her little TAG! Just kidding, Marnie; you are one of my favorite bloggers!

The hardest part of the tag was narrowing my Most Famous Oddities down to just five (I can hear the rattling of Songbird's head in agreement). But here goes (and I'll leave the obvious "story" out of it - that would be too easy):

1. I can grab my uvula with my fingers, yank on it, and no gag reflex. Same for my epiglottis, though it is a little tougher to reach - and I tend to just touch it, not yank on it.

2. I'm only half as good as Marnie, because I am legally blind in one eye, with absolutely perfect vision in the other.

3. I have a very dark mole that resembles New Jersey. It is placed in an intimate spot which has forced me to reassure my past loves (and my OB/GYN) that I do, indeed, wipe thoroughly.

4. I have one leg that is about an inch longer than the other. (Dang, I said I wouldn't use the "story," but I guess since you don't know that part yet, it's okay.)

5. I can type and talk on the phone (about something completely different) or talk to someone standing in front of me at the same time. And by "type," I don't mean looking at a document and typing it word for word. I mean typing personal correspondence or something off the top of my head while carrying on another conversation. I can also say the alphabet backwards.

Okay - not all that odd, but I've completed my assignment for the day!


Anonymous said...

LOL Tiggerlane. . .I do the typing thing to. . .It drives a lot of people crazy. . .

Karmyn R said...

okay - anyone who can grab their uvula without puking is freakishly odd in my book (hee hee)

Anonymous said...

... after I read about your ability to grab my uvula I had to go look neophyte up in my Funk & Wagnall (: For a minute I thought you might be an ET.

In my prime I could multi-task with the best of them. Do you have any typos when you do this? When I learned to type it was on a manual (NOPE.. NOT EVEN ELECTRIC!) so if I was having a conversation and typing, I might have very well reached out and smacked the wrong carriage return.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you said uvula, that's different. Disappointing but diferrent.(I went with two diferent spellings(now three)because I'm never sure how to spell it)

Tiffany, I have to say that a few these are actually pretty odd, but then maybe it's just me(and you know how normal I am).

Anonymous said...

Uvula looks way too close to another, highly inappropriate word. I had to read this a few times to realize it wasn't X-rated.

New Jersey!! I'm dying over here.

RE # 5. You are amazing. If I type and talk on the phone, I'm all, "Mmhmm, yeah." Alphabet backwards? I hear that police use that to check sobriety. I would fail without drinking a thing.

I'm glad you are odd too!

C said...

This reminds me of the weird stuff about me post I did a week ago.

those ants shortened your leg.

Silly Hily said...

#1-is odd.
I can't say the alphabet backwards sober or drunk.
#3? The mole? I don't mean to laugh but bwaa-haa-haaa. That's hilarious. Maybe not the mole but how you were all "Yes, I do wipe thoroughly."