Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Separated at Birth

One thing that bothers me about being adopted is the fact that I might have siblings. It is said that you have the longest relationships during your lifetime (barring some unforeseen tragedy or illness) with your brothers and sisters. And, if you do the math, that's a pretty accurate assessment.

This is a photo of me, my friend Charlie, and my friend Nicholas (Nic). Now, it's not so obvious here, but in a lot of photos, Charlie and I look very much alike. We are asked ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME if we are sisters. In fact, I look more like Charlie than her actual sister. As for Nic, well...let's just say that I have this deep yearning to be Italian. His grandmother is the 80-year-young secretary at my office, and his mother is one of my dearest friends. They are like "second family" to me. I often compare the shape and size of my rear end to Bess' (grandmother/secretary) and insist that they are the same. And yes, I do this in front of coworkers, family, at parties - wherever I can obtain an objective opinion to bolster the case that I am Italian.

It really doesn't matter, though, because I have family all around me. "Adopted" family, if you will - consisting of dear friends that I wouldn't trade for anything. As for "real" family? Well, my parents live on the West Coast. My husband's father lives here in town, as well as his brother and sister. I don't think he has spoken to his brother in over five years (another long story), and we speak to his sister maybe two or three times a year.

OH!! And I took your suggestions, and ran another "heritage" scan, using a photo of me with my hair up. As you can see, the Asian is back.

Again, I don't know some of these folks. I also don't know what bothers me more - the fact that my LAST scan included a reference to Kelly Osbourne, or that THIS one compares me to a dude.


Anonymous said...

I got Raquel Welch too! But I still think the most bothersome thing for me was that it said I looked like Jet Li. Who is that guy anyway? :)

Karmyn R said...

I got a lot of Asian women on mine too - and I am 100% full on Heinz 57 White European. There isn't any asian blood in my veins.

And I think that EVERYONE looks like someone. I think there are definite Look-types that people fall into (like categories). Once you start looking for these categories - people start looking the same.

Did that make sense?

Pioneer Woman said...

Wait a minute. What bothers ME is that Raquel Welch doesn't even resemble herself anymore. What happened?

Yer much purtier than all of them.

C said...

Well Raquel Welch sure looks different. I will have to try this one day.

Anonymous said...

You look alot like your friend.
And if thats Raquel Welch then I'm going to go get that same hair cut. She's older'n me, you know. (sigh, I suppose it isn't the haircut)

Anonymous said...

I would say that with the Dude being put in with a bunch of women that he RESEMBLES a girl! ! !LOL :)

I'm with Ree - yer much purdier!

Vicki said...

Sister I got ya beat! They compared me to an ASIAN DUDE! Double whammy!

I don't have any full brothers or sisters. I have 2 older half siblings and 2 younger half siblings. My younger sisters I was raised with and consider them my sisters. They dont' remember life without me so it's difficult for them when someone mentions that I am their half sister.

did ya see my new digs? Come over!!!

vicki said...

btw.. it's the shape of your eyes... almond shaped that they put you in the asian catagory. With me it's the cheeks that squinch up the eyes when I smile. Not asian. Not almond eyes, just fluffy. =)

Anonymous said...

But he's a pretty dude!!! (I got compared to Peter O'Toole in one!! HA!)

And very true about the family...I consider my friends as the family I actually got to choose!

Matt said...

At least you didn't get Danny D'vito. C'mon, that's not that bad! I was flattered that Amanda Peet was mentioned as one of my lookalikes, even before I shaved my beard.

I was kind of surprised b/c in my head I think I'm Magnum P.I.

Angelina said...

I really like this picture of you. You know, that dude would probably be more offended to be included in a look-alike search for a girl...most guys take that pretty seriously.

About siblings though, it's a real mixed bag. A lot of siblings aren't close to each other so you're better off making the kind of friendships that are like family. I love my brother and sister but I can hardly claim that they feature in my life the way my close friends do.

Though we have a small family so I can kind of see how it might be nice to have those brothers and sisters to fill in the quiet on holidays. I've thought about this because it always comes up in conversation because of deciding to only have one child. The reason most women claim to have had a second (or third or fouth...) child is to give the first one a sibling. My boy is not going to have that and I will admit I sometimes wonder if he's going to be upset about that somewhere down the road. I'll bet this comes up a lot with you too.

Anonymous said...

Dude! Who is that dude?

The only person I know is Raquel Welch.

I don't think MyHeritage does you justice. You might need to wean yourself off. Slowly.


Anonymous said...

wow i feel honored to be on your blog page. i love this picture of all of us. thank you for being such a great friend!


Silly Hily said...

I think everyone gets at least one "Asian" match. I did.
My Italian in-laws were in town this past weekend. You would have LOVED to be around. They are a riot.