Friday, October 06, 2006

August in October

HAWT. This is the autographed birthday-present-for-the-birthday-that-has-a-date-I'm-not-sure-of mentioned here. I can't wait to watch some football this weekend. And here is August, just in time for Fall Cuddling Season.

I promise that I will release some more exciting details of the abandonment/adoption story that began here. Including the tale of my first baby steps in the search (contacting the adoption agency), the whirlwind of interest from the online adoption community that led me to abandon (ha! ha!) that avenue of the search, my husband's new nickname for me, and the story of my first Christmas - which actually explains why I can't walk down a steep slope without holding onto someone, sliding down on my butt, or just tumbling down willy-nilly.

Thanks to all of you for reading along and making such supportive comments. They are greatly appreciated. I'm always amazed at others' fascination with my story. I usually don't immediately share it with people (as referenced by Mugsy); he has known me since grade school, and yet "never knew." I've found this process to be cathartic and experienced some feelings in the past few weeks that I realize it is TIME to feel. So thank you for the encouragement! I will return soon. And hopefully, you'll get a laugh out it all, as repayment for the therapy you are providing.


Anonymous said...

every pix you post of him he gets sexier.

Looking forward to the rest of the story, too!

Anonymous said...

Your story is amazing! I think it's amazing because I believe it does have a happy ending... doesn't it? You have good taste in hot men and you can write with grace and humour.

Angelina said...

I didn't realize I had gotten so behind on your blog. I love hearing other people's unusual stories. One of the things that makes your story so poignant for me is that I hear about babies being abandonned, but you never meet people who've been the abandonned baby in real life. So I always wonder what becomes of them.

I love the picture of you with your mom!

I look forward to more of this story.

Karmyn R said...

first - Yes, August just keeps getting hotter (and that is MY temperature rising).

Secondly - I have to agree with Angelina - I always hear about babies being abandoned, and then here you are, alive, grown, well adjusted, and loved. You are the "after" story that we never get to hear about.

SongBird said...

I am honored, seriously, that you spilled your guts about your adoption to me within the first year that we met. I can't remember what triggered the story, can you? I want to say that it was something about you imagining that you were a gypsy princess.

As far as August goes...well, let's just agree to disagree!!

Julie said...

Your story is amazing. You say we may be your therapy, but I see yours kind of that way too. I find most everyone's a type of therapy. They put me in a completely different world, make me see things completely different sometimes and often open my eyes. Glad we could be of some help. Now get going on the story! :)