Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Getting Information - or "Non"-Information

Okay - enough of the hotties. Let's get back to the story.

I started poking around online, and found dozens of web sites dealing with adoptees in California. Who knew? But the first step was getting what is called "non-identifying" information, which according to Tina's page, is the only thing available. However, "in the case of adoptions occurring before 1984 - contact between an adoptee and birth parent may be arranged if the adoptee, birth parents and adoptive parents have filed waivers of confidentiality with the Department or agency." If I had been adopted after 1984, I wouldn't need anything from my adoptive parents. How ironically non-Orwellian.

So I send off and get the letter back. It's so weird - I remember opening it at my office, surrounded by coworkers who had been encouraging me all this time. Here is what it said, in part:

"You were abandoned on September 10, 1968 in Anaheim, California. You were dressed appropriately and wrapped in a pink receiving blanket. You were taken to the hospital and it was estimated that you were about five days old. You weighed five pounds, four and three-fourths ounces and were 18 1/2 inches long. You were described as an attractive baby with a nicely shaped head and small features. You had dark brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin. You seemed alert."

Nicely shaped head! Attractive! Wow! Now, maybe it's just me - but if this had said "weird-shaped head, wrinkly face - bald," I could have seen more reason for the abandonment. I sound like a baby-hottie!! But, I digress.

Reading this stuff about myself was kinda bizarre - like the blank pages of the first nine months of my life, starting to fill in. I have to skip some of the letter here, b/c that's going to have to be a whole different post. But here's more:

"The authorities had been trying to identify and locate your birth parents. Someone had seen a pick-up truck leaving the area where you were found with two people in it. The man who was driving had blonde hair. The local hospitals were checked to see if you possibly had been delivered locally. However, your birth parents could not be identified or located. Eventually, the Court determined that you could be adopted."

Okay...a blonde man? I finally worked up the courage to CALL the lady who sent the letter. I had to know more details. When I spoke to her (which will most likely bleed over into tomorrow's post), she was VERY hesitant to tell me any details over the phone. I had to reassure her that I was not a lunatic, but I had to know - was there any CERTAINTY that these people were the ones who left me? She told me that it was DEFINITELY those people, that in fact, the witness said it was DEFINITELY the blonde man who left me there - and that I was DEFINITELY meant to be found.

I harrassed this woman into telling me MORE! MORE! on the phone, including sending me more details, without sounding like a spastic mental patient. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow!


Tiggerlane said...

Postscript: (posted here b/c Blogger is giving me fits) Did anyone watch Nancy Grace last night? There was a baby found abandoned with umbilical cord and placenta attached IN A TRASH BAG, and Nancy was brutally attacking "whoever the mother is" on national television. At least one of the commentators said that there could have been any NUMBER of situations that led to such a thing, and for Nancy not to be so judgmental!

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting! I never quite know what to say so I haven't commented, but I really enjoy reading! :)

momto3cubs said...

Hmm, a few more pieces of the puzzle. Sounds like you had been cared for before being dropped off. I wonder if the man did it with the knowledge and/or consent of the mother? I wonder if she was the other person in the pickup truck? And how was she behaving?

I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow's post.

No, didn't watch Nancy Grace - can't stand her, sorry. I heard about that baby, though, and right away thought of you.

Angelina said...

When will it be tomorrow?

Karmyn R said...

I am waiting not so patiently for more -

and it seems all your questions that are answered only lead to more questions!!!!!! Who was this witness? Hmmm....did she actually know them? Hmm...was it her that "found" you?

Anonymous said...

This has me holding my breath.
(my face is starting to look like MJ's television.)

C said...

Very juicy indeed. This gets better and better.

Was the baby on Nancy Grace dead?

marnie said...

Nicely shaped head. Sounds like you could have been a c-section baby. My head was warped for months (or permanently, depending on who you ask) and I was born naturally. My sister however, had a perfectly shaped head and she was born by c-section.

If that were the case, there would probably be a record of your birth, right?

Can't wait for the next installment!

Oh, and you have been tagged. Commence hating me... NOW!

Tiggerlane said...

C -- the baby was alive, and is in critical condition, last I heard.

Good thing...

Anonymous said...

Very, very interesting and I plan on coming back to hear more. It was a very nice description of you as a baby though.

C. said...

wow....I'm anxious to hear this...I can't even imagine what you feel!