Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 26 - A Show is in Our Future

Day Twenty Six.

Guess who we are going to see in concert exactly one month from today? It is The Offspring's birthday, and I convinced her that her 16th would be a MUCH better birthday for which to host a 100-teenager party. For the 15th? Definitely need to go to this concert instead:

Have any of you see this group live? I expect they will rock a little more than Mannheim Steamroller. If you have seen this group, let me know.

Sure hope those chicks with the nightgowns don't flounce around the stage the whole time, though.


Sayre said...

These guys were just here. I didn't see them, but my station sponsored their appearance. It's a little rock and roll and a big light show apparently. Everyone I know who went said it was a) loud and b) a good show.

Happy birthday tot he Offspring.

Oh, and the whippy-hair girls are apparently part of the deal....

Kila said...

What a coincidence, I was just emailing with my brother an hour ago about this concert!

They are coming to Wisconsin, and I'd LOVE to see them!

Spellbound said...

My husband would love this actually. I have to check into it. My middle child was born Dec 27, a dreadful time of the year for a birthday party. Like your daughter he is musically gifted. I don't know why I never though of a concert for a birthday.

Tiggerlane said...

Sayre - Hmmm...loud is good! The Offspring has only been to one outdoor concert, so she needs to have her socks blown off!

Kila - you should TOTALLY go! I'll be sure to give a report on the concert!

Spellbound - a concert is just a neato way to get me out of hosting a bunch of teens at my house! LOL! I've heard good things about this show - let me know if you go!