Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 25 - Worse Than Marnie

Day Twenty Five.

The other day, or month, or whenever she decides to randomly post, Marnilicious questioned her own sanity, as she had become transfixed and enamored with the lastest video from Britney Spears. Well, obviously, I'm no better. In fact, I may indeed be a lower life form in comparison. Why? Because recently, I've been hooked on this:

I have a few issues with the video...mostly b/c it implies a relationship between a much older Paris and a young boy. But the song is SO CATCHY, and I love the lyrics...and as we all know, that's what COUNTS.


Pamela said...

I liked that song, too. And I'm not a Britney fan.

(The video.. well... I'm with you about it)_

melissa said...

Well thanks for putting that in my head for the rest of the day! You're not a lower life form. Paris at least was probably sober during her video shoot.

Also: Does she have only one facial expression? Well, two, if you count "looking down" as one and "looking at the camera" as another?

mark said...

I'm ready to call a Milli Vanilli on that one. Setting the video aside entirely, I don't think she can sing like that. The video does a fine job following in the footsteps of all sexed-up teen-targeted pop videos, and Melissa makes an excellent point. Next stop for Paris, the facial expression school. Maybe she'll have time after her "My new BFF" show, which is probably the worst show I've ever seen, I mean not seen. I'm speaking hypothetically. It's on tonight, just in case you were wondering.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I hate to admit it but I actually liked it!


Robocop said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

marnie said...

My first thought was, "this is so retarded". However, that is exactly what I thought when I first heard Womanizer. Now I play it so loud that the windows of my car rattle and Mark starts looking around for sharp objects to stab his ears with.

I soon may need an alternative for Britney and I think Paris will work just fine. When our significant others have killed themselves maybe we could have a Katy Perry themed cocktail party and all wear platform Mary Jane's and satin hot pants. Work?

Tiggerlane said...

Pamela - something tells me you're PROUD not to be a Britney fan.

melissa - I'm thinking Paris may be a mannequin, brought to life by some sinister plot. And is it wrong that I think this little boy is cute? I am NOT a cougar! NOT!

mark - agreed. I think it might be Britney singing in the background...maybe. Without the voice modulation? And that show? Uh...the kid watches it. In the living room. When I am around.

Claudia - you lurker! And yeah - it grows on you!

Robocop - Happy Thanksgiving, and GREAT to see you again!

marnie - OMG...totally works for me, like a tranny on the Vegas strip! Yeah - we totally need to party...can I wear my furry clubland legwarmers, too?