Friday, November 07, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day Seven - First Dog?

Day Seven. End of Week ONE.

In the excitement that was Tuesday, I seem to have lost my bearings. Now that it is behind us, let's move on to more pressing matters - the selection of the First Dog.

President-Elect Obama promised his daughters they could get a puppy for their historical moving party. My mother and I had a discussion this week, debating the type and breed of dog the Obama family should acquire. Here's an idea of how the conversation went:

Mom: I think it will be something cute and fuzzy. Cuddly.

Me: Nah, they'll pick something stronger, Mom. Something with character. I'm thinking Beagle. Or maybe Heinz 57 mutt.

Mom: Now, those little girls are gonna pick something small. Something real cute. Poodle, maybe.

Me: Poodle? Are you kidding me? Obama wouldn't own a poodle!

Mom: But the girls get to pick. Not him. I think they'll go for something furry, like a Bichon. Maybe a Lhasa.

Me: Aren't ALL dogs furry?

Mom: Well, they DEFINITELY won't pick a German Shepherd or a Doberman.

(I'm wondering why she is thinking this, but don't ask.)

Me: I doubt he'll get a pit bull, either. It's not like he's Michael Vick or anything. Still, he might get a pound dog.

Mom: THE GIRLS get to pick. He won't have any say.

Me: I still don't think Michelle would stand by and let them get a wussy dog. I think a Labrador would be good. Clinton had one, right? Maybe a hound. I still think it will be a Beagle.

Mom: I'm TELLING you. It will be a small, fuzzy dog.

Me: Oh! I know! He wants to bridge the red and blue states, right? He should get an Alaskan Malamute! Female, if you get my drift! Right? That's a compromise, isn't it?

Mom (staunch Republican): NOT funny.

So, what do YOU think?


Aoj and The Lurchers said...

I think it will be a Heinz57 mutt too, or perhaps something like a Bearded Collie or a Benji dog!

Sayre said...

I have heard that one of the girls is allergic, so it will have to be one of those non-shedding types. Perhaps a Golden Doodle or a LabraDoodle?

Moi said...

Haa, I think it's funny!!

Karmyn R said...

I hope they go for a big breed, like a lab. But, being girls - it will probably be some little cute thing like a shit-zu.

Jay said...

I'm guessing it will be a rescue puppy. And probably something small and really furry and cuddly.

Spellbound said...

From the uh, horses mouth "two piorities, a rescue dog (a mutt like me) and hypoallergenic". The BBC, my fav news source has a lot of verbiage devoted to first dog. The Brits do love their dogs. BTW Tigger you must be right because well, you're a Democrat. See how easy that was?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the allergy thing trumps. And hey, don't hate on pitbulls. I have a mutt who's half pitbull and she's the sweetest dog on earth. Seriously, I've done research. Earth voted. ;)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm betting on a rescue. It's the perfect sentiment for Obama and family...

but it could be a poodle rescue! LOL

bermudabluez said...

Now, I'm sure this will be a surprise, Tig! I'm voting for the bichon frise!!

storyteller said...

I’ve got a Labrador Retriever and Molly’s a wonderful dog, but she’s NOT hypo-allergenic. Perhaps a Labradoodle or a Golden Doodle would work, but I don’t know how many would be found in ‘shelters’ and it’s my understanding that’s where they hope to find a ‘First Dog’ for the family.
Hugs and blessings,

Kila said...

I don't think they are really dog people, LOL. I'm thinking they'll get something small (whatever the trendy dog is to have right now), and someone on their staff will take care of it.

Arkansas Songbird said...

Whatever type canine they get, we can at least be assured that they won't shoot at it from a helicopter. And, by the way, the only choice for First Dog is the mighty Dachshund. I have it on good authority that Jasper was asked to move to the White House in January, but he declined. :-)

Desert Songbird said...

What a crazy funny conversation.

Tiggerlane said...

aoj & the lurchers - I can't think of anything more American than a Benji dog.

sayre - thank you for making me google "labradoodle," which sounds kinda nasty.

moi - it was funny on the phone - the seriousness of the discussion was kinda...silly!

karmyn r - are you riding the fence here? Pick!

jay - I hope you're wrong about the small and furry and cuddly.

spellbound - OMG, are you outing me, on my own blog? LOL!! Shh...don't tell...

melissa - I think my dog is half pit bull - seriously. And to be honest, I made that comment b/c I think my mom might be slightly prejudiced...tone was everything...teehee!

real live lesbian - I just can't imagine ANYONE dumping a poodle. Just. Can't.

bermudabluez - I just KNEW you were going to say that!

storyteller - I had NO IDEA before his press conference that there was such a thing as a "hypoallergenic" dog...I thought they just made earrings like that.

kila - Hmm...I never thought of that! Wonder what that person's title will be?

arkansas songbird - LOL!! But you-know-who just might fly over and do that! Jasper would never stand being tortured by two little girls.

desert songbird - what's so crazy is that we were SERIOUS.