Thursday, November 13, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day Thirteen - Whoring Out My Dad

Day Thirteen.

Is it wrong to blatantly use my father to help me come up with a post for every day? Surely not. If blogging had been around when I was growing up, I would have been the source of his daily nauseum. Including photos of me with buck teeth. So, all's fair.

This is a little different side of Dad's stuff. And to be honest, I wouldn't be so ready to throw all this out there if you guys hadn't been so supportive.

And don't feel like you have to gush all over his stuff b/c he is my dad. Remember, I'm adopted. I can back away and say I don't share any of the genetics. So let's get critical here. The first one just reminds me of the letter "N." Too much Sesame Street as a child, I think. Speaking of, do any of you out there think numbers and letters are supposed to be a certain color? Or is that just my weirdness? For the record, the letter "A" is supposed to be RED.That know?That one is my favorite. Lots of energy.

Okay, get to criticizing, folks.


Sayre said...

Interesting... these strike me as vaguely religious! I have heard of that letters-should-be-a-certain-color thing. ON my blogroll is one called THE ALTERNATIVE ANNA. She did a post on this and how she visualizes a year recently - you should check it out!

bermudabluez said...

Personally, I just LOVE the energetic one!!

Beckie said...

That middle one does kind of remind me of ... you know.

I really like the last one a lot.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

I love these. They're different, original and vibrant! Funnily enough, the first one reminds me of the letter A.

Spellbound said...

Red A, let's see, that reminds me of something. Oh, never mind.

swampy said...

For some reason, these remind me of those Rorschach Inkblot tests which were, supposedly meaningless...just sayin'.

The first one does have a religious quality to it...a cross being dragged, maybe.

The second one...maybe phalic-less. I don't know.

The third one...a stained glass representation of some kind.

The fourth must use the imagination on this one...HA...Gotcha...there wasn't a fourth one. That's why you have to use your imagination.

Now excuse me while I go apply to be an art critic, but don't expect me to quit my day job.

Kila said...

WOW, I seriously LOVE his work! Could I buy some copies for my home and office?

Anonymous said...

The gold on these is so cool - does he do like a gold-leaf thing on it or is it all paint?

Tiggerlane said...

sayre - wow, religious? Interesting! Now I'm looking at them differently...will check out your friend, too!

bermudabluez - that's my favorite, too!

beckie - uh, yeah...I know. Thanks!

aoj & the lurchers - now that you said that, all I see is the letter "A." LOL!

spellbound - and now I'm bothered that I have thought of the "red A" since I was VERY little.

swampy - you totally crack me up! And now I see that cross guys are killin' it!

kila - he is honestly "not in the business." Just doing this for fun...but I have a plot to "out" him and see if I can start marketing his work...I'll let you know!

melissa - all paint!

WT said...

I like the second one.