Saturday, November 22, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 22 - Winkin' and Slayin'

Day Twenty Two.

I know I could make a drinking game out of this video. However, I just could NOT take my eyes off the guy in the background. Palin is fairly oblivious, but I suppose animal slaughter is a common thing in her world. Just not something I witness on a daily basis. Watch if you dare.

In a weird way, I'm kinda glad to see her again. Brings back memories of the election.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ya'll!


Anonymous said...

WTF?! saturday night live HAS to pick this up, they just HAVE TO!

richies said...

Any Sarah is better than no Sarah! :)

An Arkie's Musings

Simply Jenn said...

Oh. My. Guh... Wow- I didn't think ANYthing would make me laugh today, but wow.... I have no words. Hahahaha!!!!

Spellbound said...

and they told her what was going on in the background, but she saw no problem with it. I wonder what the follow up will be for Christmas. Maybe Sarah interviewing Santa with a deer being gutted behind her?

Kila said...

Coming from a rural area, it's just no big deal to have slaughtering going on in the background, but I can see how it would freak out the polished big-city political folks, LOL. Had to laugh at the guy--he sure looked like he didn't want to be recorded. Me thinks he would have been better off just carrying on as usual.

Memphis Steve said...

You know, it's pretty unusual for a camera crew to position their subject off to the side and allow activity in the background to be so prominent in the shot. This whole thing is just weird.

Tiggerlane said...

dailypiglet - I have DVR'ed SNL from last Saturday night - have NO idea if they did or not, but it would be GREAT.

richies - LOL! For entertainment sake? Yes, I'd agree.

Simply Jenn - sick, yet in a hysterical way - yes?

Spellbound - definitely - maybe one of Santa's reindeer, for spite!

Kila - he DID look odd, like, "Do you really think I should be doing this on camera?"

Memphis Steve - I thought the same thing...wasn't sure WHY they did it...but it was funny as heck!