Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 18 - Gettin' Pussed

Day Eighteen.

I can't believe I've made it more than halfway thru this challenge!

Now, before you get all wonky at the title of this post, it is NOT what you think. THIS is what the title refers to:
That is The Offspring with our cat, Whiskas. Whiskas has a habit of making herself comfortable upon any member of the family (and a friend or two) who sits still long enough to let her. We call this "gettin' pussed."

She will then purr incessantly, post-pussing. The worst time is at night, when I am her favorite victim. I like to start out sleeping on my side...and Whiskas will lay upon me, her body stretched along my side...her head on my shoulder. Sounds real cute, doesn't it? Well, it's NOT. Because the next step in the pussing is when she takes her paw, CLAWS EXTENDED, and snags my lips. No glass of warm milk or dose of Valium will allow me to sleep thru the torture. Not to mention the loud purring in my ear.

And when I turn? She doesn't budge. I have to turn and hoist her off me, and as soon as I am settled on my other side, she climbs back on. I've had lovers who were less clingy.

Sometimes, when I get into bed, she has already pussed Roger. Then I laugh and giggle that he is the victim, not me. Of course, he is usually lying on his back, with Whiskas on his chest. Still reaching for his lips, with that crazy paw. However, as soon as the lights are out, I get pussed. All thru the night, I toss and turn and shove and move that cat, and just like a magnet, she returns.

Purring and pussing - she is the reason I have bags under my eyes.


Sayre said...

Unfortunately, putting her out and closing the door won't increase the amount of sleep you get... one of our cats will literally knock on the door until you open it. Sigh. I love cats, but sometimes they are a mixed blessing.

Beckie said...

Getting pussed sounds MISERABLE.

M@ said...

That's a cute little girl. If I was 17, I would be macking on her.

WT said...

My youngest cat does that too.

Spellbound said...

We have a no cat in the bedroom rule. With six of the furry little devils in the house that makes 120 tiny little knives. They can just sit outside the door, yowl, and barf up all the hair balls they want. It's bad enough sleeping with my husband. Wait, I said that out loud, didn't I?

Oh and the offspring looks positively age appropriate in this shot. Darling she is. I saw a girl coming out of H and M Sunday I though was wearing a Halloween costume, but get this, they were her regular clothes! At least our girls just dress up on occasions. When mine was her age however we had the ever changing pastel hair colors for two years. Thank God she has a job now.

Tiggerlane said...

sayre - I think mine would meow incessantly, like she does about things already...

beckie - it is...terrible!

m@ - yeah - thank - she's not quite 15. Keep your 17 y/o friends AWAY.

wt - hey there! MISSED YOU!

spellbound - hairballs outside the door STILL happen at my house. And thanks - without all the heavy makeup, she DOES look like my little girl!

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Whiskas looks like my Smitty Kitty

Tiggerlane said...

Nekked Lizard Lady - want a spare? Just in case?