Monday, November 17, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 17 - Fun Monday Talismania

Day Seventeen.

M is for Misanthrope is the host of this week's Fun Monday...and has a fun topic: Do you have a piece of jewelry or other item that holds great personal significance for you, and that you wear or keep with you every day? Show us a photo of your talisman, and tell us why it is so important to you.

I know we're not supposed to "repost," especially during NaBloPoMo, but I just HAD to...because my post from February 19, 2007, was too poignant not to repeat...

Much like a gypsy - I always wear several gold rings. A total of FOUR on my wedding finger, my Texas Aggie ring, my MBA ring, and then, my most prized - I've worn it on my left hand ring finger for almost 21 years.
I received this ring from my grandmother - my mother's mom. Before you get all in a twitter, I'm talking about the only family I've ever known - my adoptive family. My grandmother attended Marlborough School, a prestigious all-girls' high school in Los Angeles, CA. The inscription inside the ring is "BCM 1934," for Barbara Corinne Morrow - graduated in 1934. My grandmother sent it to me shortly before my own high school graduation in 1986. The crest and lettering were once clearly defined; they have worn down now, and the ring has taken on the shape of my finger. The ring I'm talking about is the top one in this photo.

My grandmother was articulate and wrote long letters to me over the years, discussing everything from current events to stories of her past. As the eldest of her granddaughters, even sharing her middle name, I felt very close to her - even though we lived many miles apart. I only saw her a few times after my family moved to Texas in 1976. The last time was during Christmas of 1992, when I flew to California to visit my parents, who were then serving as my grandparents' caretakers. Unfortunately, she was no longer completely lucid, and our conversations were limited by the onset of her Alzheimer's.

I started this post late last night - too late to phone my mom and ask more about my grandmother's past. I knew she had attended college, but couldn't remember where. I found a "missing alumni" entry for Barbara Morrow Weir at the Alpha Phi site, in the UCLA Beta Delta chapter, with a graduation year of 1938. I assume she married my grandfather during her college years. I remember hearing that she had also attended Cornell University, though I wasn't able to access their alumni site for verification.

I am extremely proud of my grandmother, as it was quite an achievement for a young lady to attend college during the Depression Era of the mid-1930's. The ring reminds me of the challenges she might have faced, as well as her determination to receive a quality education. I am honored to wear it each day, and it has given me courage to face adversity as I seek my own place in this world.

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Mariposa said...

Another wonderful entry! And yes, your grandma is indeed a phenomenal woman. :)

I am like hands...ummm fingers are always with rings...I have 4 always, 3 on my left hand and 1 on the right...and I'm not married yet, so just imagine...LOL

Happy Fun Monday...nice to be back here!

Sayre said...

Your relationship with your grandmother sounds like mine. She lives in North Wales and was my first pen pal. We still write several times a year, though she's not sure what she has to say anymore. At age 90, she feels like she's said it all - but still manages to fill a page with stories of her past.

Lovely post.

IamwhoIam said...

I sure missed reading you post so it is good to see you back at FM's.
Intresting story on the ring. And while you may not have shared blood with you grandmother you have shared love and that is much more important and valuable.

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a beautiful story, thank you! I never knew any of my grandparents - 3 of them died before I was born or when I was very young. The 4th grandparent lived till I was about 12, but she had Alzheimer's for as long as I knew her. I wish I had letters or other items...those are truly treasures. Thank you for sharing this week!

Lil Mouse said...

that's awesome, my grandma went back when she was 80 and got her high school diploma, she had to stop at 8th grade to take care of her brothers and sisters. now she's 95 and has alzheimers in a nursing home. its terribly sad and its not 'who she was'-- i havent seen her in a few years. i like to remember her how she was, and not how she is.. but i feel bad for not going to see her.

Ali said...

this is an amazing and inspiring story. I can see why you are so proud. Thanks for telling it :-)

Janis said...

What a touching story, I also was close with my grandmother. Its great that you wear her ring so you can feel close to her.

Karmyn R said...

My computer is being a jerk so I can't see the pictures today. (argh). But, they sound wonderful...and to have something like this from a grandmother is very heartwarming. I guess I could have shown a picture of my grandma's sewing basket.

Sarah said...

What a fantastic entry. Thanks for sharing it with us. It must be fantastic to find out so much about your grandmother that you can be proud of.

The Church Lady said...

That is a very touching post. I inherited some things from my grandmother when she passed, but unfortunately, no jewelry.

ChrisB said...

How wonderful to have such a beautiful memento from your grandmother. She sounds an amazing lady.

Tiggerlane said...

mariposa - good to see you again! I'm a bad blogger, doing well to even post - much less visit blogs...I'll be by, tho!

sayre - what a treasure to still receive letters from your grandmother! In 90 years, she must have LOTS to share!

iamwhoiam - that's the bottom line, for sure...and I'm trying to get back with the Fun Monday crowd!

misformisanthrope - thanks so much for hosting! Sadly, my daughter also does not get to enjoy the company of her grandparents much - my parents live very far away, and her grandpa here is least she gets some time with him.

lil mouse - it is SO HARD when they don't recognize you anymore...I know mine didn't in their last days. However, I am amazed at your granmother'd determination to return to school - INSPIRING!

ali - thank you - and it is very dear to me!

janis - I'm sure I've worn it down a bit in the process, but I'm so proud to have it on my finger.

karymn r - no videos or pictures? I must have missed something...I'll check on you later today!

sarah - I saved all her letters, too, which I plan to archive so I can see her life history more clearly.

the church lady - I have an engagement ring from a great grandmother, too - but I keep that in a VERY safe place.

chrisb - she truly was - I just wish I could have gotten to know her a lot better!

rob said...

It definitely seems to be rings for most people.


richies said...

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Faye said...

Another wonderful woman who helped pave the way for other women. Because of her, you and I are able to achieve anything we desire. I hope you have her letters as well--what a treasure that would be.

grace said...

She sounded like a great woman, this was such a lovely post

Tiggerlane said...

rob - my other rings have a lot of meaning, too - the only jewelry I never change.

richies - thanks for the tag! Hope to have this done by Wednesday.

m@ - helped, and now I'm at the center of a firestorm? Ack...but thanks for getting my back on that one.

faye - I'm almost sure I do, and I definitely consider my grandmother to be one who pushed the envelope so that women like me, today, could do more!

grace - thank you so much - definitely different than my usual stuff!

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