Friday, November 23, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day Twenty Three - More Nocturnal Rituals

There are a few rituals at our house, and one of them involves Poo Woo. Even though he spends a great deal of time outside, Poo Woo MUST come in each evening...and he MUST have a chewie. MUST. As he reaches the end of the chewie, he does the "Chewie Roll" - where he writhes and twists and celebrates his ability to dispose of the chewie in less than a minute and a half. Notice those spots on the carpet? Chewie drool. And another reason we are getting tile floors in the new house.

We used to give it to him as soon as he entered the house, but I've been watching a lot of Cesar Millan, so now we wait until we've poked him in the neck with a good "TCHHHHT!!" or two to settle him down. I'm not really much of a Dog Whisperer - more of a Dog Shouter, but I'm learning.

Sometimes, when we have reached the bottom of the ice cream tub he's really good, he gets ice cream:

Poo Woo also has ONE TOY that he hasn't destroyed in the 4 1/2 years he's been our dog - his Squeak. Hard to see here, b/c of his protective posture.

Eventually, he MUST sit on my lap. He is NOT a lap dog.


Desert Songbird said...

Poo Woo is too stinkin' cute, and he has a very proprietary look on his face about your lap. Funny thing, though - from that angle, it looks like the cat is on Poo Woo's head!

Beckie said...

It does look like the cat is on Poo Woo's head - funny!

Dan said...

Laura never gives me a snack when I do the chewie roll! Never! So unfair! :)

Hi T!

C said...

That's a big baby on your lap.. :)

Piglet said...

that is one beautiful pupper-doo!

dawn said...

Poo-Woo is very cute. It is amazing how they fall into the rituals. It is funny how some of the biggest dogs think they are lap dogs, and some of the littlest dogs think they can take on the world.

We have no carpet in our house. I love it. We have woven mats from Ikea that are a little thicker than towels, and they were under $3.00. They get washed regularly like a load of towels and new mats put down when the floors are mopped regularly. I love not having carpet. (and tile doesn't catch fire with the wood stove).

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - Poo Woo is VERY protective of me. And the cat? She has no fear. The Offspring noticed that about the photo, too - bizarro, isn't it?

beckie - we didn't even set it up that way - I didn't know she was there! She has no respect for Poo Woo.

dan - good to see you! And you get the chewie FIRST - then the roll. Maybe you have to beg first?

c - yes, and he squashes me, but I love him. It's better than being pregnant again, that's for sure. I can just push him off after a while.

piglet - thanks! I have no idea what he is, but he's mine!

dawn - thanks SO much for the tip! I'm going over the ikea web site to check them out - what a GREAT idea! Most rugs are so expensive...

Sirdar said...

I thought the cat was on his head too...but that was at a first glance.

And he is a great lap dog if you ask me :-)

Tiggerlane said...

sirdar - thanks! He is a good Poo Woo, very lovey-dovey. And the cat likes to harrass him.