Saturday, November 03, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day Three - Deer for Breakfast

Yum! Okay, I know I live in an area where all the virile men disappear into the woods for days and weeks on end, to drink lots of beer and sit in tree stands, hunting that elusive buck. But check this out...a different way of having deer for breakfast:

Deer For Breakfast In Texas - The best video clips are here

I just want to know, what in the heck happens the first time these folks go on vacation? Do the deer break into the house, eat all the Corn Flakes, and drink all the beer? Seems only fair.

Oh, and see this?Yeah, guess who got an early Christmas/Birthday present? But she's kind enough to let us borrow it, until we move. Then we're gonna make her VERY jealous with our new life-changing plasma screen, to be delivered next month!


Joy T. said...

Those deer are incredible!! Never in a million years would I feed deer like that. See how they seemed to multiply. Ya. I saw that same thing happen to my gardens one year. Love the deer. Love watching on film better.

Little Miss Moi said...

dear tiggerlane. When I first read your headline, I thought it said 'Beer for Breakfast', which isn't that unusual in this part of the world. When you go camping in Australia, sometimes the kangaroos hop up to the table expecting some food too... it's cute.

mjd said...

The video is amazing. I would not feed Bambi and his friends, but I wouldn't shoot them either. I have heard that we all will have to have HD-TVs very soon anyway. I guess that you have met this challenge.

Anonymous said...

Omg! You got Dave Letterman for Christmas? ;)

That deer video is WOW.

ps: I'm sicker today than I was yesterday! How is this fair during Nablopomo?

M@ said...

Actually, Tigger, all of the verile men stay behind with the MILFs.

M@ said... least in Vermont. :)

Desert Songbird said...

I kept expecting some asshat with a rifle to come blow away some Bambis while they were eating. I know, I'm sick. I guess I'm just feeling a bit cynical these days. [[sigh]]

If you get Letterman at your new house for a private visit, I'm coming over fer shure!

Junebug said...

My brothers hunt deers minus the beer. They actually eat the deer, venison roast, brisket, and jerky. The deer around here get so heavily populated, they do have to be controlled.

I thought that David Letterman got an early Christmas/birthday present and that it might be a new heart that he was reaching for!

Debs said...

Cool TV. :)

Nice video of the deers

Tiggerlane said...

joy t - I just have visions of these deer getting aggressive later. I also wonder if Purina makes Deer Food?

little miss moi - Beer for breakfast! I knew I forgot something this morning! Roos would be even scarier, I think.

mjd - they can't even sell the non-HDTVs without posting big federal warnings on them - so I imagine it will be VERY soon. Everyone will have to buy converter boxes, if they don't have HDTV.

melissa - it's NOT fair! But then, you can always say 'it was the meds' when WT gives you crap for yesterdays comments!

m@ - Well, if they were smart, they would all come to Arkansas, and take advantage of all our men leaving.

desert songbird - I did, too!! Or maybe that lady was going to hit one with a frying pan...And it would be nice to have Dave, but he'd just mess the place up.

junebug - I had to look at the photo again - GREAT observation! And I'm not opposed to hunting, for those who really need the meat and use it, but just for a wall trophy? Not so cool.

debs - thanks! Every time I watch the video, I still wait for the deer to ATTACK!

Kila said...

Are you freakin' kidding me?! And then I saw the lady reach over and pet the deer, like it's her pet dog, and I just about wet my pants.

They are training these deer to not be afraid of humans, which is a very bad idea.

These deer will become easy kills for hunters.

Kaytabug said...

Oh my! That video is amazing. I bet they own a shit load of land and have no hunting signs posted all over the place!

I'm thinking of emailing the dude. All he has on his site is boats. Screw the boats I want to know the story about the deer.

Tiggerlane said...

kila - I just hope they ARE their pets, and that they aren't really wild deer. I've never checked their site.

kaytabug - Email him, and let me know what he says!! The last time I checked their site, it was all about deer...but I got to it another, from yahoo or something.