Sunday, November 18, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day Eighteen - Beck's Bounty

Sorry I'm running late today, but we were VERY busy yesterday at Amber's All-Region choir event. I'm just now enjoying some football and getting around the house.

One of my biggest fears about moving into our new home is that it won't feel "homey," like our little Victorian bungalow. I worry that all our eclectic things won't feel "right" in a brand-spanking new abode. However, I can follow the lead of Beck, one of our best friends. Beck's former house was small and cozy - it's the place where I met and married Roger, as well. She and her husband built a new home a few years ago, and I remember wondering if it would "feel the same." Beck has a unique style, and she took great pains to bring that style into their new environment, including her fabulous collection of glass paperweights: The jellyfish is by far my favorite, and yet you can't see its true beauty here. The pedestal is a light base, that changes colors periodically. This is only a portion of her collection, but aren't they beautiful?

Every season, Beck decorates her dining room table with the most fantastic displays. I could spend an hour, pilfering thru her creations, finding treasures. Here is the one we found, as we escaped trick-or-treaters at her house this past Halloween:To give her husband, Nick, some credit, the glow in the dark dragon on the bottom left is his.

My "find" in her bounty? These cork gourds - aren't they neat?Nick and Beck's new home is just as homey as the last - so I know where to go for decorating tips!


ChrisB said...

Your friend has amazing collections. The paperweights are really beautiful, I enlarged the photo to get a better look.

Desert Songbird said...

Some people have the knack and the eye for stuff like this.

I discovered just what you were saying - there were things from my old house that I didn't like in my current house when it was brand shiny new.

M@ said...

Just think about having sex everywhere for the first time.

Anonymous said...

What awesome collections. I love glass. I have a few pieces but nothing as cool as those paperweights!

Your home will be homey because you three will be in it together. (And Poo Woo!) :)

Sirdar said...

Your friend has quite the collection.

You're new home will still be home. I am sure that some things will change but really, not what objects are in the home, it is the people inside the home is what makes the home.

C said...

I like the corky gourds.

bermudabluez said...

I absolutely LOVE her glass collection...and on a light must be beautiful at night! Definitely....go to Becks for decorating tips!

CresceNet said...
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Real Live Lesbian said...

Gorgeous glass paperweights! I wanna see!!!!

I love the idea of a table full of pumpkins and gourds!

Tiggerlane said...

chrisb - I left the photo kinda big, so everyone could check 'em out!

desert songbird - Beck DEFINITELY has a knack. I am wondering what I can bring into the home, without "shabbying" it up!

m@ - but NOT in the kid's room.

melissa - yeah, I forgot - everything will be homey after Poo Woo breaks it in!

sirdar - thanks for the vote of confidence - I sure hope you're right!

c - your comment made me giggle - "corky gourds!" TEEHEE!

bermudabluez - it's really spectacular - I am definitely going to put Beck on retainer for decorating.

Tiggerlane said...

real live lesbian - dang that cross-commenting! You should be able to click the photo to make it larger for better viewing. I'll have to post a photo of my glass eggs sometime soon.