Thursday, November 08, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day Eight - All About Fun Monday!

You've seen it on my posts, and you KNOW you are curious. If you've never heard how Fun Monday started, then check out Robin's Fun Monday Rundown. I've been reading her for quite some time, though I never can spend as much time on her site as I would like. Take the link to find a TERRIFIC summary of all the Fun Monday shenanigans.

Fun Monday was my first "committment" to blogging, or the blogosphere - this strange online world that is less tawdry than a chatroom, more polite than a forum, and if you're lucky, might have the benefit of serving as a newsgroup.

This medium - the blog - is made better for me through Fun Monday posting, and interacting with a readership. I enjoy the theme interpretations by participants, and yet - I truly don't know any of them in real life. However, relationships have been formed.

You MUST check out Robin's site if you are considering hosting this event - since she has all the prior topics listed. Oh! And why are my Fun Monday posts a little "different?" It's b/c my parents let me watch this kinda stuff as a kid:

Watch for more on Poo Woo and the HOUSE, in the coming days!


Desert Songbird said...

Gack! I remember watching things like this! Most hideous, though, is admitting we had a phone just like that.

Robin said...

This is funny Tiffany...I'm scared to watch that video b/c my son is behind me and I don't know what I might be pulling up...don't think I'm up to answering any "questions" right now. I'm sure it's fine, but just in case, I'll have to come back :).

ANYHOO, well now...nothin' like catching someone talkin' about you behind your back. The NERVE I tell ya!!

Thanks for the shout out, chicka! I got emailed questions from time to time @ FM, and since there's not a "home" for it, I thought it'd be helpful to have a comprehensive listing; the rest of the "guidelines" I picked up from explanations on other posts. Actually, I've used it a couple of times just to find something I "know" I posted, lol. I'm a FM fan for all the reasons you listed, too.

Glad you're getting serious about blogging. HA! Serious! Now THAT'S funny!!

(you're one of the funnest bloggers in the biz, girlie-Q :) ).

Kila said...

Thanks for the link to Robin's list. That was great! Can you believe we've been doing that nearly a year already?

I LOVED seeing that clip again! Those were the good old days ;) I miss the ring of those phones. My kids wouldn't even know how to dial one!

Oh, c'mon, Robin, there's no need to be afraid of anything on this site ;)

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - I showed my kiddo, and she laughed until tears streamed down her face! I guess the old techniques still work!

ROBIN - Thanks so MUCH! I think NaBloPoMo participation has totally inflated my ego...which can be dangerous. You ROCK for posting all the rules, etc., for Fun Monday!

kila - I thought it was cool that Robin outlined the beginning of Fun Mondday - and a YEAR seems UNREAL. I should consider rating my posts, like G, PG, NC-17, R, and's all safe! LOL!

Simply Jenn said...

WHY? Why would you do this to me?!?!? I can't even watch that clip, because those are the scariest things on the face of this earth. I showed my kids one of those clips and they now chase me around the house making those terrifying noises.

I'm scared. Hold me?

Willowtree said...

Is it Monday already??

Beckie said...

Too funny. I remember this stuff.

We had a phone like that, but ours was white.

Anonymous said...

We had the same parents! OMG! ;)

That's great that Robin compiled all that information - very helpful.

Tiggerlane said...

simply jenn - You are too funny! Actually, I think those are the ancestors of the flying spaghetti monster.

willowtree - On my planet, yes.

beckie - I actually still have a beige one at my office, in case we lose power, and my computerized system no longer works!

melissa - Isn't Robin great? So...uh...have you asked your folks if they had any kids they happened to have left anywhere?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe my mom took that secret to her grave. Figures! ;)

Bond said...

note to self: come back tonight so I can see the video...

HEY where have you been? huh? come visit!

Tiggerlane said...

melissa - as long as we claim each other, it's all good!

bond - I've been playing "front desk girl" at my's been ROUGH! Will be by tomorrow...PROMISE. I think you just like having my mug in your sidebar.

dawn said...

I used to watch it all the time too, maybe that explains why some of my Fun Mondays have been a half a bubble off centre (a little building joke for you too). I will have to go check out what has been done, since I have not been in it since the beginning.

Sirdar said... said the video was no longer available. Second time tonight. I am sure it was a funny video.

And I agree with your assessment of Fun Monday. It is a lot of fun and you get to type with new friends.

Tiggerlane said...

dawn - glad I'm not alone - good joke, btw! It really has come a long way in a short time...enjoy!

sirdar - try this link: