Saturday, November 24, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day Twenty-Four - THEY ALL WON!

My massage therapist predicted it. She knew, as she bade me goodbye, that I was in for a relaxing, wonderful weekend. Relaxing? Not especially - but wonderful? Yes! Because, for the first time in a LONG time, every one of my football teams WON!

Roger wasn't especially thrilled that The Offspring spent the holiday with a friend's family instead of ours. But my oven is broken, and there was football on tv - so why cook? And I'm NOT having my new oven delivered to this house, then moved again. It's only a few months. No one will starve.

For all you football fans who said Favre was "too old" to play the game - a big HA to you! He's younger than me - and in football, that means "ancient" - but didn't he look spry yesterday? I foresee the Packers doing VERY well in the playoffs. The "old guy" was full of vim and vigor. Go Brett!

Now, I'm NOT a huge Romo fan, but I like the Cowboys. Since I grew up in Texas, and the days of the Houston Oilers are over...I have found a new Texas team to cheer.Romo is cocky and irritates me more than T.O. Romo's performance in last year's playoffs was UNFORGIVABLE. But T.O. has settled down, and with the son of Bum Phillips coaching the Cowboys now - I have renewed hope and interest in this team. Romo and Owens are connecting like MAD...and I want to see the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

I've been worried about Peyton Manning lately - he's not himself, so I watched last night's game with great anticipation.Thankfully, he was back on track - and wouldn't a Super Bowl repeat performance seal his Hall of Fame induction?

But the most frightening day of football was ahead - my two favorite teams were lined up against opponents destined to hand them resounding defeats. But I still had hopes for my alma mater, Texas A&M. After all, they were playing at home. If you've ever been to game at Kyle Field, you know of what I speak. ANYTHING can happen there.
There's nothing like the noise, the spirit, and the power of the 12th Man to make a game unpredictable. It is our school rivalry, playing the t-sips of t.u. How many schools' fight song is ALL ABOUT beating just one team? The Aggies made me proud - and upset Texas, while sporting their old-fashioned grey pants.

But the most frightening game of all? The Hogs up against the #1 team in the nation, LSU. I had expected to only watch one quarter of this game, counting on a whalloping. The Arkansas coach has not been in good favor lately - and UofA isn't even ranked.

My biggest hope came in overtime. Arkansas is famous for overtime. They have played in the three longest games in NCAA history - and seven overtimes? They've done it. And won it. Today, it was with great pride that I watched them pull a huge upset. But mostly, I'm proud that McFadden helped his Heisman trophy chances. Even if he doesn't win, his stint as running back and part-time quarterback in this game is a great way to end his college career. And it will assure him a high draft number and big money in the NFL next year.

Oh, and did I mention, The Offspring got a new haircut?

She says it's called a "scene" look. I think it makes her look more like her mom.


Memphis Steve said...

Well, in terms of the pro games I can celebrate with you. In terms of the college games, I was on the other sides. But I had a feeling Texas would lose. They've lost every game that counts this year, so why would this big one be any different?

Amber looks like Joan Jett!

Pamela said...

I got a nasty something and missed the holiday. I know football was most likely on but I was in bed.

I like the haircut, and it looks blue like the dark haired Disney princesses.

Susan in va said...

I LOVE the new 'do!!! It looks gorgeous on her! And, yes, it does make her look more like her mom.

It's a big football day here in VA, too. I'm just killing time until the noon kickoff.

Desert Songbird said...

How can anyone not love the way Brett Favre is playing? Watching the joy and excitement on his face makes me love football that much more.

Hubby is an Ohio State grad, and he's thrilled by the mess in the BCS polls right now. Go Mizzou!

(I don't think I need to mention my relief about the Colts game. I'm glad Gonzalez is having a bang up rookie year now, and so thankful that Dallas Clark is back. Now, if we can get Marvin Harrison back out there with Reggie Wayne...)

Kila said...

Ah, those teen years, LOL. She's looking good. Could be much worse.

Brett and the Packers are giving us a terrific, exciting season! It's good to see him enjoying the game so much again, instead of struggling to make up for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany! I can comment again! Ack! I have only had maybe five minutes to quickly read your posts in my reader. Honestly, my dad will come up behind me and read over my shoulder. Hi, I'm four years old.

Amber looks fantastic! I wish I had looked like that when I was a teenager. What a beauty! :)

Sandy said...

Great football weekend!!!!!!!!!

and I love the offspring's hair. Of course, if too many of us old folk tell her that, she'll do something bizarre, you know!

Matt-Man said...
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Matt-Man said...

Oh her hair is a scene alright, a crime scene...Kidding. Cheers Tigger!!

M@ said...

Uh-oh. Better talk to Little Tig about the birds and the bees.

Simple Jenn said...

I don't even WATCH football and I saw the Arkansas LSU game and ended up watching all three overtimes. Whew.

Claudia said...

a new haircut and a new color, no??

WalkingTheBeach said...

Ah....It's football weekend here as well. We call it Grey Cup. I don't know who is playing (for shame). All I know is that there are people coming over to watch the game, which means I will be cooking up some screaming hot chicken wings with ranch dip and some other sort of guy good. Probably red hot pepperoni and beer....lots of beer.

Schmoop said...

Yea for Green Bay!! Been a fan since I was a little kid. Your daughter is beautiful!! I would kill to have hair like that! Only not black, cause with my skin tone, I'd disappear!

Tiggerlane said...

memphis steve - glad we agree on pros, and DON'T tell me you cheered for LSU? Please? I think she looks like Joan Jett, too.

pamela - hope you are feeling better! And thanks - they got it a bit too black, but it will fade a bit.

susan in va - good to see you! The kid looks cooler than me, though. After all that football, I hardly have the energy to watch any today!

desert songbird - totally with you on Harrison - he and Peyton were supposed to break some records! And YIPPEE for Mizzou!

kila - he truly looks happy this season. It had better not be his last.

melissa - glad you are back! My hubby does the same thing. And thanks - girls look a lot different than when I grew up - some of her friends look like they are in their 20's. Sigh.

sandy - I'll keep the secret! And don't worry, I won't let her get too crazy.

matt-man - she looks deadly, no?

m@ - been there, had that discussion...long before her first kiss. Ugh.

simply jenn - a nailbiter, and worth watching - I held my breath a LOT!

claudia - YES! Black mostly, with some blonde streaks in the long part, that are hard to see in this photo.

walkingthebeach - Hi Marnie's Mom! And I am all for the beer - the more, the merrier! And the more wing juice you will have to remove from the furniture.

schmoop - let's hope Favre doesn't leave, right? And thanks - I think my kiddo needs a tan, though - the hair really is a brutal color.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

You went from Oilers to Cowboys? That's like going from Luke to Vader!! Being a Houstonian, I was raised to hate the boys. I still do. When the Oilers left, I opted Green Bay, which we seem to agree on. Now, Green Bay and Texans.

Tiggerlane said...

anglophile - I KNOW. I'm should be drawn and quartered. But Arkansas doesn't have a pro team - what's a girl to do? At least I still hate the Steelers...does that count?