Friday, August 31, 2007

Two Tags, and a House Snafu

It's not every day that I get tagged by a nekkid man, so how could I not respond to Nude Steve in Memphis? His question would make a good "Fun Monday" assignment: "If you were left alone on a deserted island, which celebrity would you choose to spend time with?"

Now, if you know Arkansas Songbird, then you know we have a "Battle of the Matts." I still think mine is cuter, so he's my first pick:Matt Damon is brilliant, beautiful, funny, and he would keep my full interest, be it thru conversation or merely standing in one spot. Food? What food? After getting in shape preparing for those Jason Bourne movies, you KNOW he could kick some serious butt on the island, lest we be attacked by pirates. And he wouldn't have to be all MacGyver to do it, with toothpicks, tweezers, tube socks and magic farts. It would be PURE man. Sigh.

I could also hang with this guy:But he would HAVE to bring a guitar. THE artist, mind you - genius, talented. I love music - so much that I couldn't live without it. I can see myself making percussion sets out of coconuts, or humming thru one of those palm fronds. So, our all night and day jam sessions would sustain me for a while. I know he would squeal at all those big island spiders, but then, I think he's a vegan. More meat for me!

Then there's this guy:You KNOW he has experience. And he would make me laugh. And as long as he didn't put his bloody hands on my face, he could still go nutso and call me "Wilson." I wouldn't mind.

Now the second tag was a TEAM-tag, from Fianna and Kaytabug, and it was the "Stuart Smalley Meme," where I'm supposed to list 10 things that ROCK about me! Well, the first one should be easy, right?

1. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me! (A Stuart CLASSIC!)
2. I went back to school to get a Master's degree and graduated with a 4.0. And I didn't do it to get a better job. I did it for ME!
3. I own my own business. And I don't usually crack under the pressure OR the bills.
4. I am honest with my friends, and I don't lie to them about the important stuff. I tell it like it is, and they know that I'm going to be forthright.
5. I am devoted to my husband and my daughter - completely. Our family unit is the highest priority in my life, and I am proud that I am giving enough to make these two relationships work.
6. I have true musical ability - and I still use it.
7. I am au natural, in all the right places, and I don't sag.
8. I am all about HYGIENE!
9. I am constantly trying to learn more and improve myself - I'm not satisfied with the status quo.
10. I love music, art, and football - and I'm not a "prude," if you know what I mean. An all-around cool chick.

Daily Affirmations are a good thing. I'm feeling better already.

Now, remember this picture of the brick? This is one of two stacks at our house site. Notice anything in particular? Well, I didn't either. Not after at least four visits to the house. Look closely - see it?This is OUR brick - the right brick:This is NOT our brick:See it now? Luckily, the wrong brick belongs to a friend of ours who is building a house down the road. Our brick was not short - and I didn't end up paying for the wrong brick. It just got put on our job site instead of a snafu that didn't hurt anyone. Well, except it inconvenienced him a tad.

Jackie and Cavin left for vacation to shoot things in Colorado, but Tony and Ronald are staying behind to work around the house. I have assignments to pick tile, talk to the plumber, pick cabinets, and find the electrician while they are gone. It's shaping up fine - I think I will take a few days off, too!Have a great weekend and Labor Day!


Kaytabug said...

Oh my gosh you have walls up!!!

I love your Rockin' reasons!!! You are awesome! See it left you with a great feeling and if you ever get down on can always look back and re-read!!!
Have a fun weekend!!

RAFFI said...

matt damon was awesome in the bourne films! prince is an amazing artist (plays like 35 instruments) and dances smooth.. though he's a bit feminine and i'd think you'd be wearing the pants on the island. tom hanks--ever since bosom buddies, one of my favorite actors. house looking awesome. have a great weekend.

Kila said...

Wow, I go away for a few days, and look at that house!

You definately ROCK! I'm proud of you.

Arkansas Songbird said...

Whoo hoo! It took almost 10 minutes, but I got most of your blog downloaded. I actually had time to sit and wait on it tonight!

You are so right. Matt Damon is much cuter than Matthew McConaughey. I just prefer 'my' Matt's rugged, manly handsomeness to boyishly cute.

That is an awesome picture of Prince. His eyes are amazing.

ChrisB said...

You can tell I'm getting old I'm more interested in the house than the men (well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

swampy said...

To shoot things in Colorado? Where in Colorado? I'm staying inside this weekend.
Enjoyed the MeMe's...Affirmations are good for the soul.
The house is looking great. Exciting to see it go up so fast.

mist1 said...

I adore Prince. Seriously, I do. I couldn't be stranded on an island with him. He's too little. He'd make a crappy floatation device. You'd never be able to use his little body as a raft back to the mainland. Get stranded with someone much larger and with more body fat. Or at least someone who won't be in buttless pants. That's the last thing you're going to want to look at day in and day out while you wait for the Coast Guard.

Tiggerlane said...

kaytabug - Yes, and thanks for the tag! It helped me feel good - I need that, for sure!

raffi - I could probably handle the feminism of Prince - least he probably wouldn't be wanting to get IN my pants...but would sing about it a lot. I can't believe there is someone else out there who remembers "Bosom Buddies." And I'm ashamed to admit I had a crush on Peter Scolari back then.

kila - thanks! I should have tagged a bunch of people, so do the meme - it will make you feel good!

arkansas songbird - glad it finally worked! I am working on making those photo files smaller. The "manly-men" tend to scare me a little...maybe I'm a puss?

chrisb - more men for me! Seriously - the house is making me drool more, too.

swampy - I think they are shooting at elk - you are safe! Don't have a clue where they are going, tho - if you see my builder, tell him not to get killed!

mist1 - You are SERIOUSLY funny, my dear! I did mention the need for the guitar - I think it would make a good piece of raft material, if Prince's high yelps got irritating.

Piglet said...

WOW! walls! that is awesome! it seems to be going quickly :)

Pamela said...

Hmmmmm..... which Matt to choose. Tough.... but I'm leaning towards Songbirds choice.

What a positive list of 10 things. ONe of yours- your education- is the thing I least appreciate about me. Several times I started back to school to get that BS and each time I was derailed by something. Maybe tomorrow. (I saw some 95 year old gal just did it this spring!)

Have you picked out door knobs yet?

M@ said...

Complicated post. Lot going on here, Tigger!

mjd said...

Ah, Purple Rain...
Nice list of affirmations, you have done Stuart proud. I completed my list of affirmations last night.

I am glad that I stopped by to see the grand progress on your house.

Memphis Steve said...

You know I'd let you borrow Buckbeak if you wanted, right?

Very impressed with the Stuart Smalley thing, too. Especially the au natural and no sagging, of course, as you knew I would be. But also the masters and your own business.

But now, getting back to your choice of Prince ... seriously?! I mean, I would gladly take some of the hot women he's had, but the man himself is a Keebler Elf. What exactly do women see in him?

lisa's chaos said...

I know where you can sit and have a drink with Prince. My husband's coworker has actually done it. Prince has his recording studio, a bar/club and home in Minneapolis. Run there now. :) he does occasionally come to his club and play on stage when he's home and bored I guess.

Tiggerlane said...

piglet - TOO quickly. Must find money for new furniture - fast.

pamela - should I have picked out doorknobs? Oh no...a house blunder.

m@ - yes, I can be beautiful and complicated, all at the same time.

mjd - good to see you! I think when I'm having a bad day, I'll come back and read this affirmations.

steve - I couldn't steal Buckbeak - that had to be the MOST AWESOME ANSWER EVAH. As for Prince, he's a musical genius - and his voice is soooooo sexy. And he can move...he's a little thing, but then, I'm short. Dunno - I'd give him a shot.

lisa - I SO need to come to Minneapolis! I've seen photos of his house - but I would love to come to the club and "chill" with Prince!

Shauna said...

Hate to say it, but I lean with Songbird's Matt. . .

It is SO COOL to see how fast your house has come along! ! ! I'm getting anxious :) !

Tiggerlane said...

shauna - it IS pretty cool, the decisions are coming FAST! Have fun with your 2nd job...