Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Truss Me Up!

The other day, I pulled up to the building site - and lo and behold, it looked like a REAL HOUSE standing there!And they hadn't even built the bonus room above the garage, yet I really felt like the trusses made a HUGE difference. So, then I had to take some artsy-fartsy photos of the trusses:
Yup - I'm silly. I admit it. But aren't they pretty?
They started framing up the bonus room, and this is the special spot for Roger's private urinal and sink:
I know, I'm a great wife for putting a urinal in the house for the man and his friends, right? Unfortunately (for the builders), the trusses that go over the master bedroom and bonus can't be pre-ordered. They must be "stick-built," which is a lot of customized work that I can't begin to imagine. I have been worried about them, as they seem to hang from my house like monkeys...but I was glad to see that they are going to use this machine to help them hoist the wood and themselves above the bonus room:
Today, they were almost done framing the bonus room! So you can imagine how high the trusses will be to roof over this part of the house.
We should be "in the dry" by this time next week - I can't wait!!


mark said...

That's awesome! There's nothing like the smell of lumber in the morning... at least I can look at your photos and imagine. And has anyone told you, you've got nice trusses?

Desert Songbird said...

Don't you feel like a queen whose castle is being laid at her feet? Command them, Your Majesty! Trusses UP!

Debs said...

WOW! Looking great!

lisa's chaos said...

I'm in the same weird group as you because I took those funky photos of trusses too. I did it after the I-beams for the floor as well though because they were to pretty. :)

It's looking GREAT!

Karmyn R said...

I am enjoying watching yours and Julie's houses go up. So much fun!

Willowtree said...

When you say "Roger's private urinal and sink" you are talking about two different things right?

Tiggerlane said...

mark - Thanks for the compliment! And what's funny, we hadn't even opened the doors to the truck when we pulled up this evening, and the kid said, "I smell lumber."

desert songbird - Yes! I do! But a guilty queen, b/c these boys are always so sweaty and hot.

debs - thanks!

lisa's chaos - I don't feel so goofy now. My husband thinks I'm obsessing - but this process is really cool for me.

karmyn r - I feel like I'm learning a lot from Julie, too - I just have been lucky not to have the same obstacles.

willowtree - actually, I was thinking about letting him pee out the window...silly! (There actually might be room for a toilet in there, but not sure - would like all three.)

piglet said...

i have to say, prior to reading this i had no again what a truss was.

now that i know, i agree they are pretty :) and nothing can be prettier than having your very own TRUSSES for YOUR special house :)!!!

Pamela said...

envious, too.
always wanted to build a house.

so I'm living vicariously through your s

Susan in va said...

Ahhh...building a house. Isn't it fun? Of course, my DH and I have spent the past 5 years saying things like "we should have made this room bigger," or "I wish we'd put this over there," and "it would have been nice to have a bigger bathroom." I think we need to do it again and do it RIGHT this time! (*snicker*)

P.S. Stop by my place. I gave you a little award ;)

JennieBoo said...


It's coming right along!

M@ said...

A urinal? I would love to have one of those.

Shauna said...

LOL to Willow! This is so exciting!

Kila said...

With 3 boys, I really wish we had a urinal!

The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing the progress with us!

Tiggerlane said...

piglet - Sadly, I won't ever see these trusses against a blue sky again.

pamela - There's still time! You can come live on my porch.

susan in va - MANY THANKS! And I've already thought of one little thing I would change...but we have another acre to build on!

jennieboo - It's going so fast - I'm having to make decisions before I'm ready!

m@ - you can come pee in ours.

shauna - It is! I wish you could all be on site with us.

kila - that would be PERFECT for your house!

Angelina said...

I'm sure this whole process feels like a really long one to you, but from outside eyes it seems like it's just shooting up out of the ground like a mushroom. I'd be so excited too.

You are a VERY good wife to put in a urinal. In addition to lesbian sex, isn't having a urinal every man's fantasy?

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

TL - They are gorgeous and of course you had to photograph them! Is it okay if I play with one of your pictures a bit? I feel a photoshop moment sneaking over me!

Tiggerlane said...

angelina - It still seems fast to me - VERY fast. And my husband agrees on both counts, but they have to be HOT lesbians.

artist - You are totally welcome to photoshop away!

nikki said...

Wow, the house is looking great. My husband will be very jealous about the urinal.

RAFFI said...

ditto about the urinal... so posh.

Dan said...

It's getting there!

Happy weekend T!

Julie said...

Hey Trusses!! Yea!! Our roof was all customized, no trusses whatsoever. I am just glad I didn't have to watch them do it. :)

We just got home from picking out our wood stove. Will be posting on that soon.

Your house is going up so much faster than anyone's around here. So glad you are having good weather. I have to go look at more photos now. :)

Beccy said...

Looking good.

It must be so exciting seeing it being built like this.

mjd said...

That really is starting to look like a house. Your photos are very nice.

C said...

How exciting. I wish I could custom build my own home like this.

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

It must be SO exciting seeing this stage of the house building! Frame in place and it all begins to really take shape and form.

I was visiting for FM, but I guess it's a little early for the States, yet;).

wolfbaby said...

in the dry?

cool that your house is pulling together so well and fast!!

umm how come no more hot guys to oogle? that was fun:)

not that it was more fun then watching your house being built cause that is seriously cool one day im going to do that (i really hope)

how neat is it that you gut to custome design your home?

Tiggerlane said...

nikki - not sure about the urinal now - hubby and builder have been talking...

raffi - I think I may get overruled, before all is said and done!

dan - scary, isn't it?

julie - our head builder may be a slave driver, but two of the dudes are his brothers, so it's all good! Electrician and plumber coming next week, while the builder takes a vacation...we'll see how fast it goes then!

beccy - exciting - and scary how fast we are having to make decisions, but it IS fun!

mjd - thanks - it's even further along today. I am always amazed at their progress.

c - just borrow a ton of money from your local banker, and they will let you!

tiger lamb girl - I'm usually late - so it's not all you.

wolfbaby - "in the dry" means there is enough roofing material that rain won't hurt the framing. I'll try to post more hot guy photos as we go.