Monday, August 06, 2007

Fun Monday Kitchen Wear

The wonderful hostess for this Fun Monday is Ms Cellania, aka ChrisB. Her assignment was as such:

"'Show your aprons' it can be your favourite or an unusual one or more than one. Be creative as you like; and secondly if, like me, you have lots of 'tea towels' that are brand new (or could be an old favourite) I would like to see those as well and hear the story behind the picture- was it a gift from a holiday, a present from auntie that you only use when she visits etc..........."

Okay - two more items to add to the house-warming gift list. I can't believe I don't own an apron. Tea towels? I get those $5 rags from Walmart, or use the old surgical towels Roger brings home from the OR. Snazzy, huh? Nothing worth showing you all. Dang. Another failed assignment on Tiggerlane's part. And for those of you hoping to see me nekkid - well, not gonna happen!

If I DID own an apron, it would be this one:Or maybe this one:Which would most likely lead to this one:Now, did you really think I could do a post without a house update? Of course not. Here is one of the last shots I will get with this much sun, under the house:The bracings I've explained previously...and they must work, since I haven't seen the blocks explode from the pressure of the dirt. They will leave the plastic down under the house, I was told. Next step is bracing the subfloor joists with these small pieces of wood, which I watched them meticulously cut:The boys made me VERY nervous as they put the bracings between the joists. Lots of nail guns, which make me flinch. I have a builder friend who had one of those nails shot into his leg, and every time I heard the guns go off, I imagined that one of the builders on my job was going to scream in agony.They also got the garage and patio ready for concrete. First glich in the house process has occurred, but you won't see it in this photo:The concrete company recently sold - as recently as the DAY BEFORE our concrete was to be poured. A small delay, but Jackie assured me that they had plenty of other things to do whilst they waited. And he was right...first, they finished the bracings:And the subfloor materials were ready to go...I found out that these guys not only screw the subfloor to the joists, but they also nail it down. Double security, to keep it from shifting and squeaking:Guess what is next? WALLS...real WALLS! I watched them "pop the lines" with colored-chalk-string things...but didn't get photos. I was too busy checking all the lines against the plan and making decisions about window size and placement. Another good thing about our builder? He and his crew check every board:He is sending about half of the boards back that are not up to his specifications to be used as studs. Good man!

Now get out of my house, and go check out the cool aprons!


Willowtree said...

That's showing some real progress. And I'm glad there aren't too many cracks (I'm talking butt cracks).

her indoors said...

i dont own any aprons either!
wow can i come back and watch the house be built

mjd said...

Nice apron display -very funny. This is exciting; watching those boards transform into your new home.

Pamela said...

I'm afraid I may accidentally stir the gravy if I cooked naked.

These photo's give me a much better look at the foundation. It appears much more solid than I perceived.

Beccy said...

Funny aprons, maybe you could get some to go with the new house!

Kaytabug said...

Great aprons! I'd love the first for my hubby!
Those builders sure are quick!

Joy T. said...

The 'made up' aprons are great LOL Love seeing the progress on the house each monday :o)

Debs said...

Great progress on the house.

Those aprons are funny! :)

nikki said...

Love the last apron choice, except for me it's more like after one drink.

I can't wait to see what the house looks like when it's completed!

Stephanie said...

Um, if I cooked naked, I'd burn something. And I don't mean the food...

The house is coming along nicely!!

Rachel said...

I don't have an apron either! I love your choices though!!

JennieBoo said...

Do you fry nekkkid? Ow! That's gotta hurt (when it pops).

Thanks for sharing?

Happy Fun Monday!

They're coming right along on Casa Tiggerlane...

Tiggerlane said...

willowtree - only one has low-slung pants, but high undies.

her indoors - come on back! Should have a LOT more progress to show by Wednesday.

mjd - Glad you liked the choices - hope I can afford the aprons after I pay for those boards.

pamela - I had to think for a second, then I laughed! Very solid - said we could drive a tank on it.

beccy - I think I will put them on my list. I'll definitely need a drink or two!

kaytabug - only 3 weeks in, starting on the fourth and even MORE progress today.

joy t - those are actually aprons I found for sale on some site - I might actually buy one!

debs - I really might get one of those aprons - too cute.

nikki - I could make it thru maybe one bottle - I'll keep everyone posted until moving day, for sure.

stephanie - I burn myself a lot, even with my clothes on. Recently discovered a hole in my oven mitt, the hard way.

rachel - thanks! I hope I can check out everyone's aprons today - it's been hectic at work.

jennieboo - I actually don't cook nekkid, or everyone would lose their appetite. Just thought it would make for a fun post, tho - Happy Fun Monday!

Anonymous said...

I really dig the house pics. So cool.

I want the "where's my drink?" apron - because cooking really drives me to drink. :)

swamp witch said...

I need 'the drink apron.'
I use wine when I cook and sometimes I put in the recipe.
The house is looking great.
Lots of progress.

Christine said...

I'm with Swampy when I cook, I have a glass of wine and Sometimes cook with it.

Wow! The house is really coming along. Only 3 wks. Love looking at all the progress.

Kila said...

I failed today's Fun Monday. Not one single apron in my house. I did, however, post a yummy recipe.

Great house update :)

dawn said...

Those are great words to put on an apron.

Enjoying your updates on your house. One day we hope to do an addition on our house, so watching someone else build is quite interesting.

theotherbear said...

you chicken I only did it cos you said you would.

House is looking great though!

Anonymous said...

Boy, they are making some speedy progress on your house! Great to follow along with your commentary and pics.

Do they make heavy use of covenants in your state? They do here in Nebraska.

Robert O.

Tiggerlane said...

melissa - I'm the same way - I cook with my hand.

swampy - wait until you see this week's update - you won't believe it!

christine - something tells me that we need to get together and have a cooking/drinking party. In my new house!

kila - I'm going to check out your recipe, pronto.

dawn - glad you like it - it is more stressful than I thought, but the payoff will hopefully be worth the payments.

theotherbear - I would lose readership, I'm sure...and yes, I'm a chicken. I confess.

Robert O - Fortunately, we have property in the county. There are convenants in the city limits, but we are 2/10ths of a mile outside - so NO convenants. I could run sewage right out onto the ground if I wanted. Which I don't.

wolfbaby said...

Having a good foundation makes all the difference..i know ours needs to be re done.. *sigh*

Robinella said...

Nice choices for aprons. Lucky for you that your contractors are competent! I HAD to watch the day-to-day progress on our last house. Next one will have hand-picked people for sure.

Tiggerlane said...

wolfbaby - I currently live in an old Victorian house - 103 years old. The foundation is non-existent in the back, sits right on the ground. Floor is all up and down - sadly needs to be raised with new floor joists, but don't want to spend the money.

robinella - they must be good - I'm still watching day-to-day! Living in a small town DOES have it's perks - no one has had anything bad to say about these guys - ALL positive. All were satisfied - his reputation in stellar!

Robin said...

Y'all are making real progress (and dropping some cash :/). You're gonna love having this digital album.

As for your aprons (or lack thereof), I imagine you'll get a few for housewarming gifts! And they'll ALL be fun! Your suggestions here are definite conversation starters.

Your personality explodes off the page, Tiff!

(sorry I'm so late to Fun Monday...we were out of town, my own post didn't show up til late Tuesday, yada yada, last week with kids home...)