Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In the Dry, and In the Guilt

Here it is, at the 9 1/2-week mark, and we are "in the dry," which means that all the plyboard is on the roof - along with tar paper. So, it can rain all it wants, and our studs are safe. Here they are, hefting the HEAVY sheets of plyboard to form the basis of the roof:Next, they rolled tar paper over the plyboard, and nailed it down with these orange tacks. Ronald and Tony did most of the tacking, while Cavin (pronounced like "Kevin") did the rolling and holding of the tar paper:Jackie would lift them up to the roof, but they couldn't come down until he fired up the machine again...can you tell that they were done for the day, and READY to come down?But with all this progress, I am racked with guilt, realizing that today is the two-year anniversary of the day that Hurricane Katrina devastated the lives and homes of thousands along the Gulf Coast. I am horrified that more hasn't been done to alleviate their situation, and as I watch the house I have dreamed of rise into the sky - I think of the poor folks in this video:
I also reflect on a moving HBO documentary regarding this subject. I hope that you will take some time to watch, reflect, and count your blessings. There are tens of thousands of families without homes. 30,000 families are scattered across the country in FEMA apartments, 13,000 are in trailers, and hardly any of the 77,000 rental units destroyed in New Orleans have been rebuilt.

I know that I haven't lived like a queen, in my tiny little house, for the last 14 years - but I consider myself humbled by the strength of others. May they be blessed as well.


Willowtree said...

Karmyn R said...

I can't believe it has been 2 years. Time for me has just zipped by - for those still dealing with Katrina's aftermath, every day must feel like a million.

swamp witch said...

Good job on your house. I know you are so excited to watch every nail be pounded in.
I'm wondering where all the money for the Katrina victims 'went.'

Tiggerlane said...

Willowtree - Even worse, isn't it?

karmyn r - and tough to find out that a lot of those FEMA trailers are total pieces of crap, and contain harmful toxins to boot.

swamp witch - one can only guess - maybe to fund gay Republican bathroom accessories?

JennieBoo said...

God bless all the Katrina victims. I can hardly beleieve it's already been 2 years.

I often don't realize how good we have know?

Thank you for this post.

Anonymous said...

I know you're a good person because you take time to reflect on others even while celebrating your own victories. :)

Willowtree said...

I forgot to add, the house is coming along brilliantly!!!!!

Dan said...

Holy crap! Every time I visit it looks more and more like a house! :)

But you know what's really scary? The fact that there is a group out there called "30 Seconds to Mars". Now THAT's scary! :)

Donetta said...

We are so truly blessed Im glad you know that it makes the new home all the sweeter to enter its doors in humility.
It is coming along very well. You have a good team there

Bond said...

Spike Lee's "When The Levee Breaks" is a stunning portrait of the sorrowful result of mother nature.

The dismantling of the professional group who ran FEMA by our current administration to make room for friends and campaign contributors would never have happened.

Say what you will about the Clinton administration, they had built FEMA into a well run, quick reaction department.

It never should have been put under the Homeland Securities and certainly should never have been run by the team W put into place.

Did the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana fall asleep on the job? Absolutely...but FEMA is supposed to be there to get in and resolve the problem quickly and with an eye on budget. Once again, no bid contracts and friendship favors prevailed.

We wrote a post on this back in June 2006 on The Couch.

:::steps off soapbox:::

Beautiful home you are building there.

Memphis Steve said...

Hello my lovely! I have tagged you with a meme.

Your house already looks awesome. When it's finished are you going to invite me over for a beer and some dirty joke telling?

RAFFI said...

wow, talk about speedy construction. i second dan's remark... it looks like a house now ;) as for new orleans, it's so sad that the "government left them out to dry".

Mimi Lenox said...

Great photos. Lovely home. And thanks for reminding us to think of those less fortunate.

Beccy said...

I remember it like it was yesterday, tragic.