Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun Monday Reasoning - UPDATED!

It's Fun Monday again - I'm a wee bit late. Now that school for The Offspring has started, my schedule is WACKY, and we're having to get back into the routine. Lisa is this week's hostess, and her assignment was as such:

"I’d like to know more about you, what makes you tick. I’d like to know how you started blogging. Did you keep a diary under lock and key safely hidden as a child? Do you still? Do you share the same things on your blog that you would have, or do, in your diary? Why did you start blogging and why do you continue? May as well throw in any roadblocks you have run into while blogging. If you still have your old diaries we’d love to see them."

What makes me tick? HA...good question. I have no clue. I am extremely driven and competitive, but not when it comes to blogging.

I had several diaries as a child, but writing things out seemed, well, so TEDIOUS. My thoughts seemed to flow so much faster than I could write, so each one of my diaries would have maybe four or five pages of writing, and then the rest were blank. After I graduated with my Master's, one of my dear classmaters sent me a beautiful journal. I thought I might be able to overcome the challenges of my youth. After writing two pages, I saw it was not to be.

My introduction to blogging was by reading Heather Armstrong, and I was fascinated by her monthly letters to her daughter. I realized that it was a wonderful legacy to her child - even though some of her writings were more brutally honest than I could ever publicly express. So, I tried blogging - to see if I could maintain a journal through this new medium. Luckily, I type incredibly fast - so it has been more pleasant than I expected. Granted, not all material here is for The Offspring, but I hope that she can look back on this site, and reflect on what kind of person her mother is/was.

That was the main reason for starting - but now, I have enjoyed getting to know many of you on the blogosphere. And your stories keep me going - giving me inspiration, hope, and oftentimes, a hearty laugh.

I had to update this post, b/c another reason I blog is to share things that I find on the 'net, like this performance:

Now, go check out Lisa's place for more blogger stories!


nikki said...

Who doesn't read Dooce?

I'm glad you kept up with blogging. I need to bet my new house construction fix somehow!!!!

her indoors said...

do you save your posts on a disc for your offspring? i think it is a great idea

Beccy said...

I don't read Dooce, should I?

I agree that blogging is easier than keeping a diary or journal, I think the interaction with other bloggers makes it worthwhile.

lisa's chaos said...

My biggest issue - I know I should have written it in my post but didn't think of it at the time - is figuring our how to get exactly what I write and photo in my posts on paper, in a book, for my kids. Just so they know me better and remember long after my day is over.

lisa's chaos said...

For some reason my computer always takes a long time to load your page. :( Thus I often read it in bloglines but don't click to post comments. thankfully, my husband has bought me more ram I hope it helps.

susan said...

Maybe that's why I couldn't keep up a bound was too tedious. My fingers can keep up with my brain on a keyboard...sometimes!

Robin said...

(going backwards in your post)

Loved the little hand puppet shadow show! What he can do with his hands!! ;)

I don't read Dooce...on principal...when I finally did discover "who" she was...I figured she had enough readers without me.

It's nice to have somewhat of a family journal; I have thought about blogging a separate one just for that, but so far, I've been much too occupied to get another one going.

Karmyn R said...

I'd like to say, "I never read Dooce"....I clicked on her link once but moved on. So - I am going back to check her out once more.

ChrisB said...

I have read 'dooce' when linking from another blog but only a few times (I hesitate to say I didn't warm to it). I enjoyed the video of the hand puppets I had embee saying over my shoulder I used to do some of those- sooo didn't we all!
How I wish I could type fast the girls tend to make fun of me because I'm slow- but then again 'so what' I get there eventually!!

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Heather's was the first blog I ever read too.

I'm the same with the diaries! I said on my FM post that I never kept one as a child and I wished that I had. But the truth is, I was too impatient to write my thoughts down because I thought quicker than I could write. Plus I'd rather have been outside playing, than inside with my fingers trying to keep up with my thoughts.

Tiggerlane said...

nikki - I guess a lot of ppl don't read her, but I'm still a fan! (And expect a house update by Wednesday.)

herindoors - what a great idea - THANKS!

beccy - I enjoy her, but then, I can relate to a lot of what she talks about, being an ex-Mormon and all.

lisa's chaos - I never thought about printing the posts - and hope the ram helps, I think my big photos may be part of the trouble.

susan - Totally agreed.

robin - just out of curiosity, do you read Pioneer Woman?

karmyn r - some days are good, some days are bad. Now that she has daily photos of Chuck, it's always worth checking him out.

chrisb - I relate to dooce for strange reasons - but she can be a little crass for me, too. I basically just have a crush on her dog.

tiger lamb girl - the blog is the fast-thinker's playground - as long as we have fingers that can keep up!

Willowtree said...

Tiff - Pamela sent me that clip on my birthday, he's really good isn't he (he's also an Aussie).

PS. Excuse me, where are the house pictures?

RAFFI said...

that pretty much sums up my motivations for blogging. more specifically, i blog to spark interest, enlighten, and entertain. of course posting cool internet finds is always on the agenda. cool post, tigger and lisa ;)

Kaytabug said...

My thoughts have always gone faster than my hand could write and type since I do not type fast either... yet I still keep diary's and now blog.

I have only read dooce once and that was a link my BFF sent me and I didn't like her stuff and I think I tend to rebel from most things popular and she was too mainstream popular for my taste, Ree is popular too but Ree is Ree and In another league than

Thanks for the support! I think I am very close to finding that balance...I will get there...where there is a will there is a way! I am finding my way! I do wish I had something concrete like an out of home job to force me to limit...It is tough being ones own enforcer. Again...Thank you!!

Tiggerlane said...

willowtree - tomorrow, dearie - unless you want to use the "cheater's link!"

raffi - good to see you again! And your blog IS very enlightening - and not in a totally light-saberish way.

kaytabug - if I had to be my own enforcer, well, I'd be AWOL! Hang in there - good to see you!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying reading everybody's motivation for blogging. I like dooce and other big name blogs, but my favorite are the ones where I get to know the people a little bit. IT's a fun way to spend time online. :)

wolfbaby said...

hmm i followed that link i think i have been there before wow she has a dry wit that keeps you going;)

i enjoy hearing all of the stories that brought each of us to the blog.. fun stuff...

i'll like the way you put things;)

mjd said...

"your stories keep me going - giving me inspiration, hope, and oftentimes, a hearty laugh." I cannot think of a better reason to blog.

Pamela said...

lost my comment. finally reading fun mondays

I got that wonderful video from my cousin and passed it on by Email... never thought about trying the new post a video instrux out there on blogger.

*I've never read Dooce. I guess I should see what that is all about.

Tiggerlane said...

melissa - I enjoy the more "personal" relationships, too - in fact, the Marnie/Willowtree wars are awesome!

wolfbaby - thanks! Dooce is kinda crass - guess she has more balls than me!

mjd - Right on target.

pamela - read dooce at your own risk. And as for videos, I still copy and embed the links from youtube - haven't tried blogger's tool yet - I'm scared it will mess up.