Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two Tags and a Yard-Warming Gift!

Ah...to be tagged...I feel like a celebrity. Well, maybe not the right kind...but before we get to that, let's start with big news: my first gift from a fellow blogger!! I got a message from the beautiful Vicki that I had a gift coming, and then I was horrified when I saw what the USPS had done in transit:Maybe they were suspicious of the contents? Thankfully, Vicki packaged the gift with the utmost of care, and even her personalized card made it safely. Isn't this a gorgeous photo? I think she should sell these cards commercially:And LOOK!! Hollyhocks! And if you read the package, it says they do well in hot sun...so I have the PERFECT place for them! I am grateful, dear Vicki - and thanks again for popping my blogger-gift cherry!Now, today's first tag is from the lovely Desert Songbird, whose blogger gift is SITTING ON MY DESK, waiting for the appropriate bubble wrap and box. (I think I've got the box, but this thing has to be cushioned. I promise, dear, it's coming!) As some of you know, I don't follow rules. I just can't. It's part of my thing. But there were TWO on her list I could comply with:

"Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts."

Cool, b/c I totally love my middle name: Corinne. At all three of my graduations, NONE of the announcers got the pronunciation right. It is "CORE-inn." The Offspring shares this middle name, and still has to ask me how to spell it.

C - Crazy - but in a good way. My perspective on life makes me think "outside the box" and say things that most people wouldn't dare utter. It's about keeping it real - and is there anyone who can say that life isn't just plain crazy?
O - Orator. I can speak in front of large crowds and barely get a butterfly. I have no fear of public speaking and revel in "working a room" and captivating an audience.
R - Rhythm, and lots of it - without music, I'm not sure my life would be worth living.
I - Interested. In all aspects of life, people, places - I want to constantly learn all that I can, b/c I believe if I ever stop learning, I'll start dying.
N - News-addicted. Current events addict. I must know everything that is going on in the world, from politics to sports, entertainment to weather. I pride myself on knowing the latest!
N - Naughty. I have a sick sense of humor, and luckily, so does my husband.
E - Energetic. Always doing and going and keeping my plate full. I wouldn't be happier, any other way.

The next tag was from the sweet JennieBoo. I'm sure her innocent experiment in google-isms never turned up anything like mine did. We were to type our names into the Google images search, and see what craziness popped up. I remember when I got married, that I LOVED my new name! I even joked to my husband that it sounded like that of a porn star. Well, guess what? Ta-da! Meet Tiffany Lane, aka, Tiffany Rose:However, I think my status will be safe, as I read this in her bio:
"Porn Star Tiffany Lane's meteoric rise to sexvid fame was cut tragically short when she was killed in a 1988 car wreck. Until then, Tiffany Lane was one of the hottest young starlets in the biz, turning her penchant for lust into a hard-charging carnal career. Tiffany Lane was known throughout the industry as one of the wildest women on the scene, and there was nothing that Tiffany Lane wouldn't try at least once. The large tattoo that covered her left shoulder attested to Tiffany Lane's 'anything-goes' attitude."

I didn't dare venture into the photos far enough to see the tattoo...one can only wonder.

Oh, but it gets better! Look at this lovely lass:Guess what she is? A PAGAN. Guess I'm covering all bases here. Here is her bio:
"I'm a 30yr old BBW, native South Floridian who moved to Austin in June with my LTR Isaac, I'm just looking for like minded souls to connect with who won't judge me/us. BOTH of us are also Polyamorous, Bisexual & Pagan/non religous but spirit oriented. Anyone know of good groups/people/functions that support folks like us?"

Someone help the Neophyte - what is an LTR? And BBW, does that stand for Bisexual Black Woman? I had to look up "polyamorous." Let me assure you, it is NOT a dinosaur.

But the best result was that THIS photo pulled up! My daughter and I created this beast, and it was later posted at this famous pumpkin site!I can only imagine what my google hits will be after this post.


C said...

Cool pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I'm a porn star too.

Desert Songbird said...

Your name DOES sound like a porn star's name - how quirky and ironic is that?!

When I insert my name in Google Images, the first two photos are of me!!!!

Willowtree said...

Have you ever noticed that the lesbians in real life never look like the ones in your fantasies?

As near as I can tell LTR stands for Long Term Relationship. I guess you use that if you haven't committed to marriage.

BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman. Well, she's big and she's a woman, so I guess two out three ain't bad.

M@ said...

Regarding the UPS package, that's why I have my weed shipped to me by other carriers.

Kaytabug said...

I was going to say Bodacious Bi-sexual Woman...but I'm sure WT is right...is he always right? Jeeze!

Angelina said...

That is totally amusing. I have to say that you do have a fantastic name!

Tiggerlane said...

c - thanks! It was fun and easy to make.

melissa - yeah, but are you a DEAD porn star?

desert songbird - and somehow, I thought you had a better porn star name than I did.

willowtree - I usually don't have lesbians in my fantasies, but I get how you would. And thanks for the education - you are all-knowing!

m@ - I won't even ask who is your mule.

kaytabug - he IS a lot older than the rest of us! With age comes wisdom, they say.

angelina - thanks so much! Google your name, and see what happens!

JennieBoo said...

Whoa! I never knew that your name was the same as a porn star. I'm sorry!

Glad you played, though. LOVE the punkin'!


I have made something for you.

Please go here to get it:



Kila said...

Aww, Vicki is the best. And I would definately buy her cards.

That pumpkin, wow. Must have been fun to make. I'm not sure if it's cute or ugly.

I typed in my name at google images, and there I was! Well, that lead to me looking up old boyfriends, and distant family members, etc. No porn stars appeared, though.

James Burnett said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Bisexual Black Woman. Funny. I asked a buddy from my single days who is an initials/abbreviations afficionado. He says it stands for Big Beautiful Woman and tends to be associated with porn postings.

Pamela said...

Builda Bear Workshop
Bucharest Business Week
Banned Books Week
Books Beyond Words
Butts, Bainbridge & Wier (CPA's)
Berufs Bildungsschule Winterthur

I think this is a game we play - and I'm trying to remember the name.

Shauna said...

LOL - I don't know what else to say! ! ! LOL

Tiggerlane said...

jennieboo - thanks! Hey - could be a worse name, I suppose!

kila - I classify the pumpkin as "insanely weird." And I can't believe, with my career and my name splashed all over, that my photo didn't come up at all! Maybe b/c I use my middle initial professionally.

james - Big, I get. Beautiful? Well, I suppose we are ALL beautiful in our own way!

pamela - you are WAY too funny and creative!!

shauna - as long as you don't moan, it's all good.

theotherbear said...

haha. did she LOOK like a black woman?

Tiggerlane said...

theotherbear - not really, but hey - neither does Michael Jackson!