Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Testing...Testing...and Decisions

Well, I'm not one to follow the crowd, but EVERYONE was doing this, so why not? Here is my profile - evidently, not many people fit into my category:
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So, yeah - I guess I really DON'T follow the crowd! And my musical interests were justified.

The next test was interesting...got this from veryGEORGE!...who is evidently a much bigger nerd than I:
NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber Cool Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!
Scary that I scored highest in computer literacy, given that I'm such a neophyte.

Now, recall the that main builder dude is out in Colorado, shooting things with horns (but thank goodness, not Swampy), so the progress has slowed a bit - but he left us with assignments, of which we have completed the following three!

Here is the front door, which will complement the window scheme, I think:Our siding and windows will be white, as will the other exterior doors. They aren't very exciting - just white doors with half glass, and mini-blinds that are nestled between the two panes of glass. Next, we picked Formica! I love the "fossilized leaves" look of this stuff:Marble and granite are VERY expensive, and VERY porous. And if you knock the corner off - well, you can't just patch it up. Stainless steel wouldn't look right with all our white appliances (which have also been selected, but you must have patience for that). Formica seemed like an economical, good choice. I know you can put a hot pan right on the marble or granite, but potholders are a lot cheaper, ya know?

Next, we did research on Consumer Reports, and who knew they even rated shingles? So, Roger selected these, based on ratings, looks, and durability:What's cool is that you can take your brick and siding, and try out shingles on houses that are similar to your own.

Next, we have to meet with the plumber, electrician and the cabinet maker. (Isn't there a nursery rhyme in all this?) The plumber has done a quick rough-through of where stuff goes with the builder, but the electrician hasn't even stepped foot on the site. Tomorrow, with any luck, we will pick some tile - and then we can finalize the cabinet decisions. We are going sans hardware, for that "naked cabinet" look. Then, we can settle on the paint. After that - it's just lighting, and we have LOTS of time for that.

Now, go take that nerd test. You KNOW you want to know.


willowtree said...

Hmmm, that's a bit worrying that the electrician hasn't been there yet. In case you have forgotten, I was an electrician before I got into programming, and I would have been there long before this!

Mocha said...

That's so cute how you think I need a test to determine my nerdiness. As if.

Karmyn R said...

I took the test and came out as a Slightly Dorky Non-Nerd. (I'll post it tomorrow).

Hey - I love the formica. They make such lovely stuff now - cheaper than marble and granite, but just as lovely.

Dan said...

How's it going you musical extravert? :)

That photo of the marble? For a second I thought it was a satellite image of where you'll be living! LOL! I think it's time for bed.

Kila said...

Oh, I like your choices!

~Uber-Dorky Non-Nerd

Tiggerlane said...

willowtree - evidently, the dude is tough to get in touch with. I'm not worried, since we're just now at Week 11 - but I'll be in trouble with the builder if I don't get him to the site soon!

mocha - somehow, I imagine you as being a LOT less nerdy than me!

karymn - glad to hear there are some interestingly cool nerd categories! And the Formica choices were tough - it was between this one and one that looked like Fall leaves.

dan - get some rest - you are totally hallucinating!

kila - how can one be dorky, yet not be a nerd? I'm impressed.

Desert Songbird said...

Cool Light-Weight Nerd here appreciating the fact that you consulted Consumer Reports about your shingles.

Regarding your counter tops, I guess we're "old fashioned" and "passe" as as we have Corian rather than granite. I love them, but no one seems to be putting this in nowadays.

OneHungMan said...

Just saw your pic on Naked Steve's site...nice cans.

There's nothing wrong with being tagged only because of your boobs.

Angelina said...

I took the first test, but not the nerd test. I keep forgetting what the results are. I have to go back and check.

I think it can be so confusing making choices on building materials. If I could get formica with glitter in it, that's what I would want!

RAFFI said...

when you're done building this home, i'd like the recipe so i can just copy you and not have to do all the work. and, tigger, i always knew you were an uber cool, non-nerd ;)

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

I can't believe how quickly your house is going up!! You must have amazing builders;).

Marble is porous --- granite not so much and granite isn't that easy to 'chip' like marble if you get good quality (or so I'm told by the supplier).

We've opted for granite on the counter top around the sink --- wood on the other counter top (it molds fast and easy around the sink). Granite turned out not to be so expensive recently around here, when a local supplier made contact with a foreign supplier (yeah for us). Otherwise, we'd have been looking at something like the formica top you've chosen or this other stuff (which I can't remember the name of but is a high tech substance you can't destroy apparently).

Having said all that, I love the fossilized look of the formica you've chosen!!

Are you having trouble choosing the kitchen wall tile colours? I am. Grrr....I've been at it for weeks and still can't decide.

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - wish I could afford Corian countertops...but hey, look that PORCH!

onehungman - why, thanks! Now I have to see how you got YOUR handle...as it were.

raffi - you are welcome to every ingredient - I'll even send my builder. What kind of nerd are you, btw? Trotting off to check your site...

tiger lamb girl - floor AND wall tile are driving me NUTS!! One of the decisions I have to get out of the way, so I can feel like I've accomplished something. May meet with the cabinet dude, and nail down the cabinet color, then use that to narrow my tile choices.

Blue Momma said...

So I'm a Uber Cool Non-Nerd, too! Nice to join the cool club! My percentages, in order listed: 24, 49, 13, 41 & 3.

We did granite in our kitchen and I love it. You do have to be careful sitting things down as everything sounds like it's about to shatter.

Hubby is just to rough on the counters to go with laminate. It may have been more economical to get a new hubby, now that I think about it....

Willowtree said...

Whoa, I just looked at your nerd test, according to that, you were too cool to even go to school!

Matt-Man said...

I did a leaf look on flat stone for some folks about 12 years ago. Looked much like your formica. Hope all is renovating well. Cheers!!

M@ said...

I think you need an outdoor hottub, Tigger.

nikki said...

Prince Really!?!?!? George Clooney is way hotter I have to say.

Love the door!

Tiggerlane said...

blue momma - wonder if we can have a hubby trading site, like we do for fantasy football? Then again, I'd be hard pressed to find a better one than mine - he cooks, he cleans, he does laundry...I'd better keep him.

willowtree - hard to believe I was Valedictorian, huh? Oh...and we met with the electrician, so you can relax.

m@ - I'm thinking you're right - especially for when it snows. Then it will fall, and sizzle when it touches my hot skin.

nikki - it's a music thing. And George? Yeah - he'd be a backup to Matt. I just don't think he's as beefy.

mjd said...

I love the formica. I have the very same formica in my kitchen and even blogged about it on our Fun Monday adventure about kitchens on June 10.

Tiggerlane said...

mjd - OMG! I must have picked up on that formica choice by subliminal suggestion! After seeing it on your countertops again...I am thrilled...great minds think alike!

Robin said...

I was some kind of cool non-nerd (I think) but I don't remember it being uber cool. I shoulda posted it, lol.

Tiggerlane said...

robin - totally should have posted it!

I really wondered which of those questions Willowtree answered "yes" to in order to be such a nerd. I'm afraid to ask, tho - b/c some of them were VERY bizarre!

sexy said...