Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun Monday is Tiggerless

I can't believe it - but it's only the first Fun Monday since this whole she-bang started that has no Tiggerlane participation. Actually, I've already done my blog duty, since I've shared the intimate details of my dental work (see posts below). However, I have been VERY busy, since we have a Filipino guest in our home this week! Our Rotary club is hosting a Group Study Exchange team until this Thursday, so we have Kryz staying with us, and no one from our family has made her head for the hills. Yet. Can you imagine, staying in our home for a week? The insanity of The Offspring and her friends? Or our friends? Let's just say that we had extra overnight guests her first night here, and she is STILL alive. Not to mention that we didn't go to bed that first night/morning until 3:00AM. Can you guess which one she is?Happy Fun Monday to you all, and say a little prayer for Kryz!


karisma said...

Ummm...Arrgghhh! NO You all look the same!

Very beautiful people!

Pamela said...

The lovely lady to your right?
Ooooh.. she gets to stay in your lovely new house in the trees and the view. Lucky girl!

Desert Songbird said...

Ha! No, you don't ALL look alike, so I'm guessing the young girl on your right, who shares characteristics with my own people, is your guest. I'm guessing the other people with Asian genes are locals who are friends.

Claudia said...

hahaha!! I have friends that are Filipino and if she's anything like them, she can deal with the madness very well!! I'm sure she'll have fun with you!

ChrisB said...

I'm guessing she's in the pink top. Have a fun time during Kryz's stay.

Bond said...

Enjoy your guest...bring her to Memphis for some real blues this weekend!

C said...

Pink top to your right/my left. And it's great she likes grey's anatomy - ha ha ha!

min said...

Your friend is in exactly the right place to have a good time while visiting our country. I can think of no place I'd rather be.

Beckie said...

Great group pic! I am following you on Twitter now. I just didn't want to waste all of my witty comebacks on thin air. HA!

Kila said...

How fun! Enjoy!

(Filipinos are gorgeous. The few I've seen in Wisconsin, anyway!)

M@ said...

I heard Tig Jr. was pregnant.... Just sayin'.

Emma in Canada said...

I'm guessing the one on the left. My left that is.

The one in the pink!

Hope she enjoyed her stay! And the other gal too.

(And as per twitter, they very may well be talking about you...all good I assume!)

Kila said...

Tiggerlane, I heard about the storms down there today. I hope you, and your beautiful new home, and your loved ones are all OK! Let us know!

Mariposa said...

I'm glad you had fun! Have a nice week!

Tiggerlane said...

karisma - Hahaha! I must fit right in!

pamela - right! And she loved our porch. LOVED the view, too.

desert songbird - you are right! And the others are actually part of the same group study exchange team.

claudia - interestingly enough, it wasn't ME who was up until 2:45AM every morning, giggling and laughing! It was the Filipinos and my daughter! So yeah, it was a party time.

chrisb - correct! And we had a blast!

bond - the group visited Graceland before they came to see us - but didn't get to experience blues, sadly, except in our music studio.

c - correct! AND...we have the same taste in men, evidently! We dished about the McHotties during the episode!

min - awesome! And she even survived listening to us jam in the music studio, if you can believe that!

beckie - cool! I twitter some odd things, so be prepared!

kila - had a great time - and they are very beautiful people. And skinny!

m@ - and just WRONG!

emma in canada - I hope it was good! At least they seemed to have a good time - and you are right about which one was our guest.

kila - made it just fine! And thanks so much for asking!

mariposa - thank you!