Friday, April 25, 2008

The Saga of Dan

Some of you REALLY want me to go see Dan. I admit, I'm tempted. Even though I prefer Melissa's suggestion that I go with a few El Presidente Margaritas in me first.

But, as the universe has seen fit, I think Dan feels my pain - and is now appealing to me. Calling to me. Yearning for my teeth.

Why, just this week? In the local paper? Dan got BRAVE. Just read this.
Now, isn't this just like a "Desperately Seeking Susan" event in the world of Tiggerlane?

How can I NOT go present my gold crown now?

HE WANTS MY TOOTH. Can you feel it?


WT said...

I think it would make a nice pendant.

melissa said...

God. I want you to go so badly, yet I know how mortified I would be to go. I am terrible.

If you make a necklace, please market a cheaper version we can all buy and wear around our own neighborhoods to show off our awesomeness.

Person On Street: Excuse me. I saw the awesomeness radiating off you from across the street. Now that I'm here, I must know: is that a tooth necklace?

Us: You don't know about the Tiggerlane Dental Diva Necklaces?

POS: No! Tell me! I must possess one!

Us: Sorry. You're obviously not hip enough to understand. Vagina*

I think you could get rich off this idea. I won't even ask for a percentage of the profits as long as I get the first knock off Tiggerlane Dental Diva.

*in honor of Jenny

ps: I am high on cold medicine. I take no responsibility for this comment.

Desert Songbird said...

I'm thinking you should wear a pair of your sexiest shoes when you go visit Dan. Might work magic, ya know? *grin*

Pamela said...

I was thinking about how on movies -- people will bite a jewel to see if it's real.

I wonder if that guy would bite your tooth?

M@ said...

I'll give you cash for another part of your body, Tig.

Kila said...

I heard folks talking about this on the radio. Everyone's bringing in Grandma and Grandpa's gold teeth! Sounds like it's now or never ;)

swampy said...

I want some of what Melissa is having...

Which one is your gold tooth? Location. Location. Location makes a big difference if you give it up.

Tiggerlane said...

wt - YES! Indeedy!

melissa - can I tell you that I am SO glad you are back? And that you can be the recipient of my FIRST AND ONLY masterpiece of the Tiggerlane Dental Diva line (it's DIVASTATING!)??? OMG...girl, you are DA BOMB. Vagina.

desert songbird - as long as Dan doesn't offer me more for the shoes than the tooth, that might work!

pamela - omg...I seriously lol'ed, right here in my office. I would HAVE to get a photo of that!

m@ - please tell me I don't have to dip it in gold first, right?

kila - uh...guess I need to find a safe hiding place for my tooth, huh? Lest some pesky neighborhood kids wanna steal it!

swampy - back molar...right before the wisdom tooth. Would DEFINITELY make a nice piece of jewelry.