Friday, May 02, 2008

Exhausted...But Happy

As you can imagine, our experience hosting our Filipino friend was amazing, fun, tiring, and VERY educational! The Offspring had her friend, Alyssa (pictured above), with us for a good portion of Kryz's visit...and they behaved well. As you can see, The Offspring is NOT the most mischevious one in this photo! It was a lot of fun learning about the Phillipines, and you would think that the gender gap between us and the 25-year old Kryz would be an issue - but, NO! We all got along splendidly, and she didn't even seem bothered by Roger's weird expressions!Kat (pictured on the left) ended up bunking with us for two nights - so we had two Filipino houseguests for the last part of their stay. Peachy (on the right) just decided to hang out with our family for a good portion of the trip, so do you think Roger was in heaven? He was enjoying having all the cuties at his many women, so little time!I really enjoyed learning about their culture and how it differs from ours. Over the last six days, I feel as if my eyes were opened to how small our world really is. They were familiar with our popular music, which surprised me. Their housemaids wash all their clothes by hand - over a 7-hour shift. There are over 7,000 islands that make up the Phillipines, and I can't buy one b/c I'm not a Filipino. The language (Tagalog)is fascinating. We had a cookout for the Rotary Club one night, and then the next? A party with local Filipinos, some of whom I had never met before. I had never hosted a big party at the new house, so I was anxious. But, it all turned out GREAT! And only one broken beer bottle - amazing, huh?I will miss my new friends, and I want to go visit them in the Phillipines. After this past week, I think I'll fit in just fine.


WT said...

You really should visit the Phillipines, not only are they a very friendly people, most of them speak English, which makes it much easier.

C said...

Tagalog is a lot like Spanish. My friend in California is Philipino and he taught me lots of words that I already knew is Spanish but did not realize were used in Tagalog. Spaniard influence of course but sometimes you don't realize how much we all have in common to some extent.

Kila said...

What a fantastic experience! I'm thrilled for you. I hope you get to the islands someday!

Did your new home survive the storms down there today?

Anonymous said...

Hello T,

Looks like a good time! Did you know you are part of a "conspiracy?" :-) Yes... believe it or not, Hamas (yes, that organization in Palestine) has called for the destruction of Rotary and Lions clubs! I'm not making this stuff up...

Anyhow, the Philippinos are great folks!!


swampy said...

What a wonderful experience this must have been ! Beautiful 'bunch' of gals.
Our Rotary members are always hosting International Students, but we've never been able to commit because of our schedule.

M@ said...

The Filipinos are supposed to be excellent at sex.

Pamela said...

I remember feeling much the same when we had a Japanese girl live with us for several weeks.

She came back to see us the following Christmas - it was so great.

We want to go to Japan -- but it's wishful, of course.

Hey -- thought about you today with the tornado news.

bichonpawz said...

I was thinking of you today with all of the bad weather news and hope you and your family all made out ok! Looks like your friends all had a good time...everyone is smiling!!

Mariposa said...

I'm Filipino and I'm from one of those 7000 islands! My parents used to active with the Rotary...I have to ask what happened! LOL

If ever you are coming here, let me know! ;)

Tiggerlane said...

wt - I was surprised that their English was so good - but then, they learn it every year they are in school.

c - I noticed that! Every so often, they would say a word that I knew in Spanish! Of course, I didn't realize until their visit that Spain had controlled their country for a period of time.

kila - we survived! And I want to travel SO badly to the Phillipines now!

Robert - WHOA. That is AMAZING! Thanks for the article - I forwarded it on to all my Rotary friends.

swampy - check into the GSE program, if your district participates. It's very short, and would only require you to be in town for a few days.

m@ - heck, NOW you tell me!

pamela - we are safe from the storms, luckily! (We are in Westernmost Arkansas - in a mountain range that tends to keep tornadoes at bay.) I love meeting international folks - and hope to see my new friends in the Phillipines soon. We just need to travel, don't we?

bichonpawz - we are fine - thank you for caring! And I think they had fun - and they sure did eat a lot of my cooking, so I know that they enjoyed the food!

mariposa - how incredibly cool! Tell your parents to get back into Rotary - or maybe you could join yourself?

Memphis Steve said...

That's really cool that you did this. You are quite an adventurer.

Donn said...

Isn't an incredible feeling to make this great big world a little smaller.

My word they are so beautiful..
especially with those 1,000 watt smiles!

Well Done!

Tiggerlane said...

memphis steve - a REAL adventurer would go to the Phillipines, dontcha think?

donn - thanks! And it is amazing, how small our world really is.