Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun Monday, A Day Late

Alison (RDH Mom) was so gracious to host Fun Monday on a holiday - and guess who is late? Sigh. I think I need the "Bad Blogger" award, if there is one.

She wanted to know our favorite vacation - and I have to be honest, my favorite one so far was my trip to Washington D. C. last year. And it was a trip that didn't include my husband or daughter - which might seem strange, but I learned so much that I have to chalk it up as the best.

I have shared so much about this trip in other posts, but I have to share some NEW news! A photograph that I took during the trip and uploaded to flickr was recently selected for inclusion in the Schmap East Coast Guide, and can be seen here, though I find the site tough to upload. Here is the photograph, and in honor of Memorial Day, I think it will be the only one I post.Now go find out where your fellow Fun Mondayers like to vacation!


ChrisB said...

Congratulations on having your photo included on that site. I did take a look and you are right it took ages to upload.

Sauntering Soul said...

Congrats on having a photo picked!

I had a very odd relationship (odd in ways other than the fact that it was long distance) with a guy who lived in D.C. so I spent quite a bit of time there a few years ago. It's a wonderful city!

Pamela said...

with my new computer I opened that sight -- in a flick!

nice job!

I want to go back and visit DC again. There is so much to see. I saw my husbands tears at that wall, too.

BS said...

When you go to wall during a non-holiday, it seems to speak to you very clearly. What gets me every time is seeing the handwritten notes from the children - to their Daddys. Things are left there all year long. I thank the Lord that my father's name IS NOT on that wall but feel so much sadness for the families of all who are. We must never forget those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Kila said...

A perfect post for Memorial Day!

Desert Songbird said...

Nice to see that you got photo credit on that site. Yippee!

Hope Roger is feeling better.

Sandy said...

Congratulations on being published! How exciting is that?

Great choice for Memorial Day.

Thank you.

Bond said...

WOOOO HURAh to you ...that is excellent news...

So, how is Roger?

M@ said...

Tigger + plus 5-6 years = Cougar

(just sayin')

James B. said...

Congrats on getting your photo published. Very nice shot.

I miss living farther north on the East Coast. When I was home in Virginia, we used to go to DC twice a year, 'cause the museums and monuments never got old. And on Memorial Day every year, my dad, a 23-year Navy vet, used to load the family up and we'd drive up to the Tomb of the Unknowns to pay our respects.

BTW, my blog has moved if you wanna update the link.

C said...

Awesome picture.

Tiggerlane said...

chrisb - it sucks, b/c I can't show off...and who wants to wait? LOL!

sauntering soul - I totally need a blog post about this odd relationship. I'm fascinated, and I don't even know the story!

pamela - I would love to revisit, too...maybe I need a new computer - they're disposable, right?

bs - yes, I went during a non-holiday, and it was so quiet - and yet all those notes were still there...just rustling in the breeze. Very sad.

kila - thanks - from a non-perfect blogger!

desert songbird - he is and was, until he saw the bill!

sandy - it made me a little giddy - like, hey, I could be a REAL photographer someday!

bond - all better now - thank goodness! I think it was a virus.

m@ - 5-6 years? OMG...cougar? That's not a GOOD thing, I think.

james b - the wreath ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns just made me cry profusely...so moving. Thanks for the update on your link!

c - many thanks!