Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Skewed Idol?

Here I am, voting with one hand, blogging with the other.

Tough night on Idol, and for the first time (Taylor Hicks fans might want to read with caution), I see the difference in the contestants. Elliot Yamin has more potential than Taylor. Katharine McPhee has more training than Taylor. And yet, Taylor is having the most fun in this competition.

I may be the only person in America who wasn't shocked that Chris Daughtry was voted off last week. His rocker scream was wearing on me. Did you know that your vocal chords involuntarily constrict and relax, based on what vocal tones you are hearing? I was usually tired after a Chris performance.
Two worries tonight. One that Taylor, for the first time, doesn't quite seem to measure up to the competition. Two, that Vote for the Worst might actually have something to do with the results of the competition. Each week, this web site tries to throw the Idol competition by encouraging its readers to vote for the contestant they have dubbed "the worst." At least, for Taylor's sake, they've had him pegged for the past two weeks. Will they make him safe? As of right now, Dial Idol has Taylor making it into the finals. And so far, they show that Katharine is the next to go.

I'm voting for Taylor, b/c I would truly love to see a non-packaged performer have a shot at the big time. I just love watching him, and I'm ready to hear an album (there's that old-timer word again) with a different type of vocal hit the charts than all the commercial idiocy plaguing the airwaves. Plus, Katharine always has this look on her face as if to say, "You must love me! I am hot! I can sing!" And appears just shocked when the judges lay down any criticism of her.

Tomorrow night, we'll know for sure who makes the finals. Let's hear it for the diabetic deaf guy, and the grey-haired soul man.

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ANNAGIRL said...

Taylor is the man to beat !!
Randy Jackson was interviewed live on my local TV station and said Taylor was the one to beat !!
Yippie K YA !! LOL
Taylor is the man !! Go Taylor.
Go home KAT. :o)