Friday, May 12, 2006

Blaine-Worthy Feat

Did you see David Blaine this week? Hottie in a bubble. Until you saw his gnarly hands. Too bad the stunt didn't pan out the way he wanted. He should have focused on the breath-holding attempt, instead of compromising his abilities by submerging himself for a week in water. You know how sleepy you get after you go swimming? Try it for seven days. No wonder he failed. I really enjoyed Blaine more when he performed amazing card tricks on the street, or pulled string out of his abdomen, or made someone's watch appear in a storefront window.
I found something yesterday to pacify you Blaine-addicts out there - a truly amazing feat! Stuff on my cat is a site I check out daily, b/c I enjoy seeing the arrogant feline subjected to a wee bit of humiliation. (Don't worry, no cats are harmed in the making of this site.) At any rate, someone please tell me how you can get a cat to hold still long enough to get THIS photo! Seriously, that takes talent. Toilet paper is THIN, folks.

I know, not as exciting as "cat in a bubble," but try to wrap a cat in toilet paper, and I'll promise you it's worth televising.

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