Sunday, May 14, 2006

Head-Stompin' Mother's Day

I only wanted a very few things for Mother's Day, which I expressed in a kind but firm manner to the loving husband and daughter. They created my motherhoodness, allowing me to make certain requests, one day of the year. The demands were are follows:

1. No blaring alarm clocks in the morning.
2. No telephones ringing in the morning.
3. No cat, upon my chest, snagging at my lips with her claws in the morning.

Basically, I didn't want anything to artificially awaken me from my sleep. For once, I wanted to arise naturally, with nothing but my body's mechanisms and the rising sun to contribute to the process.

I had forgotten to mention one critical caveat: No Head-Stomping Poo Woo.
I really love my dog, whose real name is Lucky. "Poo Woo" comes from the fact that I started calling him "Lucky Loo Poo Woo" as a term of endearment. But he is quite animated and unaware of his own strength. He gets excited quite easily, hence, he is mainly an outside dog. When he enters the house each day, it is like a dog tornado.
A favorite weekend trick is to unleash the dog on the last sleepyhead of the family, who has chosen to laze until an unacceptable hour. Poo Woo loves this honor, and displays great talent in rousting the most stubborn sleeper. He will launch his body the entire length of the bedroom, land firmly on the offender, and commence stomping up and down on his or her head. Works like a charm. As it did again today.

The best part of the day was that for the first time ever, my daughter made me breakfast, all by herself, from a recipe she found. It was wonderful, and totally made up for the head-stomping.

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Whiterabbit said...

I'm not sure Poo Woo likes his picture taken. He looks on heart beat away from snatching the camera out of the paparazi's hands!