Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Random Thanks

Nothing real big going on today, except for the usual "back to work" routine and the child's ballgame this evening. So, in order to re-establish much-needed karma, here are today's things I am thankful for:

1. Having a husband who doesn't mind cooking fantastic meals, two nights in a row.
2. Having a 12-year old who hasn't uttered the words, "I hate you." Yet.
3. Knowing that sitting around all weekend, watching movies, is an approved activity at my home.
4. Enjoying a Tuesday-that's-really-a-Monday at work that is quiet and calm.
5. Having a nail-stylist in a small town who can successfully make my hands look as if they belong to a porn star.


Pioneer Woman said...

Woooo! Lovely nails and way too neutral to be a porn star.

Kodijack said...

How do you know what a porn star's nails look like? What movies are you watching with that kind of detail?