Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dirt is SO Not Cheap!

Did you know that a truckload of fill dirt costs about $85? Neither did I. I also didn't know that Honnus was going to have to put about nine truckloads into our house the other day. Had I known, I would have saved all the dirt I've been dumping out of my vacuum cleaner's canister. I think I would have had enough.

All this dirt is dumped into the garage, so that they can later pour a slab over it. The bracings are to help stabilize the blocks, in case the dirt settles and puts too much pressure on them. I think I need some of these on my thighs, because the fat is putting too much pressure on my pants.Here is Honnus, doing more magic. His job now is to hurry up and get all that dirt nice and level, so the rest of the crew can finish blocking up the back of the garage. They ended up about 39 blocks short. That's when I found out what our builder does besides organize these folks: he goes and gets the rest of the blocks.The builder asks me, "How large do you want the access door to be under the house?"

My response: "Well, how big is the plumber? He's the one who has to fit under there."

After consultation with another close friend, we made a LARGE access spot - just in case I want to "store stuff" under there. Yeah, right. I see a spider haven in the making - but I guess it's best to have one, in case I go crazier and Roger needs a place to hide me. Those little metal tabs have something to do with the brick that will be put on later.Part of the crew raked the ground to even things out under the house (just in case I might change my mind and want to go in there someday). I liked the spaces they left for the vents - and since this whole thing was starting to look like a fort, I imagined placing little cannons in there, just for fun.When they were done for the day, something about it looked kinda pretty.


theotherbear said...

Well I guess if you do put anything under there it won't be able to be very tall, will it.

Pamela said...

how about a storm cellar (or as my oklahoma brother calls it his "fraidy hole.") ????

my mom used to talk about the fruit cellars... where they put their potato, cabbage, other root crops and winter squash.

just sayin'.. you've got a hole under your house (:

swamp witch said...

That last picture looks a little like StoneHenge.
You have a surprise waiting for you at my place.

Kila said...

Looks like a cemetary, LOL.

Why no basement? Although that does looks like a great hiding and storing place. Would be great for playing fort!

I had to laugh about your thighs needing stabilizing blocks. Good idea.

Thanks for sharing the progress with us!

susan said...

Did you want me to send you the dirt from my vacumn? Well..acutally it's mostly dog/cat hair but you can still have it.

The very nice man said...

No messing about there, huh?!!
This way things will be ready before the ink dries on your printouts of the photos!

Tiggerlane said...

theotherbear - it's actually 6' tall in the front - and since I'm 5'3", I should fit okay.

pamela - the builder tried to talk us into a basement, but I never liked them. Would have been a better use of the land, however.

swampy - Maybe I could call it "Crete-hendge." Popping over to your place with anticipation!

kila - just didn't want a musty basement - builder did suggest it, tho. Still looking for thigh braces.

susan - I have a lot of dog/cat hair, too - shipping would probably negate the savings!

erik - good to see you again! I'm getting scared that it will be ready before I can afford the furniture to go in it. May have to make do with lawn chairs for a while...

JennieBoo said...

You know, I should sell the dirt on the floor in my dining room.

We could be rich!

BTW, I really like all the shots of your house in progress.

Happy Tuesday!

Donetta said...

Hello, thanks for stopping buy my place. How wonderful for you to have a adventure of such magnitude.

Beckie said...

Like I say in most of my comments - I love to see progress!!

Claudia said...

wow!! that is going up fast (even though I'm sure it doesn't seem fast enough!)

Tiggerlane said...

jennieboo - thanks! I wish I had collected dirt all these years...

donetta - it is fun - and the REAL exciting part is when payments begin!

beckie - I'm hoping to post more progress today...we'll see...they are going so fast that I don't have time to get as many photos as I'd like.

claudia - it's week #3, and it sure seems fast to me...more photos coming soon.